VIP Evolve Series

(Breakthrough Coaching Session, Evolve Coaching Calls + Unlimited Online Support for 12 weeks)

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You´re ready now.

It´s time for you to evolve into who you were always meant to be.

If you are dreaming big and want to go beyond a breakthrough to truly transform yourself from the inside out, I offer a limited opportunity to spend 12 weeks immersing in a VIP experience that will change you forever.

It´s not for the faint of heart or our I´m-just-fine-right-here friends.

This is sweeping, profound, and powerful. 

And it´s where I shine.

You see, I´m kind of the queen of transitions.


I learned years ago how to master transitions and transformations. And I love the process!

Now, I actively choose to create transitions and transformations for myself in order to continue to evolve at every age. 

Along with my certification in trauma-informed coaching and specialized training in breakthrough transformational techniques,

my deep decades-long personal experience has taught me 

exactly how to help others thrive through transitions of all kinds.


  Whether your transition has been imposed upon you or you´re choosing to create one for yourself, I can guide you through it with compassion, skill, and humor

I offer guidance to find your footing by tapping into your own wisdom,

and if you´re open to it, I also share ideas, suggestions, and advice.


I know that´s not typical in coaching. But I´m not a typical coach.

I use what has worked for me and my clients rather than the traditional approach.  

That´s because I have met way too many people who spent months working with a coach and never had a single breakthrough moment, let alone a total transformation!


You have lived long enough to know that momentum is what gives us energy to continue.

Let´s not waste any time. After all, you have exciting and brilliant things to do!

If you´re ready to get down to it,

and you´re willing to devote the next 90 days to

switching your story, 

designing your path forward,

and creating and embracing your new reality,

I cannot wait to connect with you! 

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The best way to understand the experience and impact of the VIP Evolve Series is through client stories. Meet Renate, a 54-year-old German woman who went from burned-out nurse working the night shift in the pediatric unit of a small-town hospital to a highly sought-after sleep expert for UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) families across Europe.

photo of a lovely 54 year old woman, German, with red hair, smiling, wearing a white blouse.


pediatric nurse/sleep coach


¨When I first connected with Maya, I was working 12-hour night shifts and spending my days caring for my 18-year-old son, who has special needs. For years, my husband and I had arranged ou r schedules so that one of us was always home with him. But he was moving into a living facility with other young people who needed medical staff on site, so we were going through a transition. I knew I wanted to make a change in my career.

My work with Maya helped me to see that I had skills and talents that I could use in new ways. As a pediatric nurse, I had experience soothing infants and toddlers as they go to sleep in a hospital despite loneliness and discomfort. Also, as the mother of a medically fragile child who always struggled to sleep, I developed my own technique to help him to relax before bed.

Maya inspired me to consider becoming a sleep coach for families with infants. But where I live, there is no one willing or able to pay for such a thing. Maya introduced me to an agency that helps wealthy families. In one week, I got a job working with a nice family in Paris! Right after that, I got a job in London.

The next month, Maya helped me to create a course to sell. When I told her that I love to sing, and collect lullabies in different languages (I always asked the patients´ mothers to teach me the lullabies they sang to their children), she encouraged me to create a recording of lullabies, too. 

Suddenly, through that same agency, I was selling many courses and recordings, and getting offers to work with families who have twins or special-needs children in Monaco, Geneva, Malta, and more. 

Each day, I wake up and cannot believe that I am paid over US$30,000 per month. This for working just two weeks with wonderful families in beautiful places, and selling a few courses and recordings!

My husband has retired early from his construction job. He joins me on a vacation in each place after my two-week work period, with many trips paid for by my generous clients. I choose my schedule and pick the jobs I want based on the family and their location.

After 18 years of never being able to travel together, always worrying about money, and feeling chronically exhausted, this life feels like a dream come true. 

Maya is absolutely the reason that I have this amazing work. It took only three months to completely change my life. She inspired me to learn about this opportunity, envision it, and make it really happen.

Recently, I created a foundation to help other families with special-needs children get the resources and support they need. This is yet another dream come true for me!

If you have a dream, or especially if you don´t have a clear one yet, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Maya. She will help you imagine amazing things for yourself. Just be ready for changes!¨

illustration that reads: this is for you if...

You are going through a major transition.

A devastating loss.

A huge move.

A bold career change.

A monumental identity shift.

A metamorphosis brought on by an awakening,

a revelation,

an upheaval that has you rethinking everything.


You have created this transition for yourself.

Or it might be due to circumstances beyond your control.


Either way,

if you´re feeling like you would benefit from:

*a uniquely quick and effective approach that sticks,

*loving but direct guidance,

*a steady hand when you´re feeling uncertain,

*a cheerful mentor who makes you laugh,

*and a no-nonsense accountability buddy who will 

nudge you forward every step of the way,

I am right here, waiting for you to choose your evolution. 

photo of an open laptop on a wooden table, Maya Frost on the screen against a deep blue wall, a blue coffee cup on the table, facing wood-framed windows  featuring a view of a lush green garden

We will begin with a complimentary 15-minute Clarity Call.

This is our chance to get to know each other and make sure you´re ready, willing, and able to invest the time and energy into this intensive one-month period of dramatic change and growth.

If we decide that the VIP Evolve Series is the right fit for you, we will schedule your Day One experience. This VIP experience begins with TWO 1-hour Sessions on the same day. First, we will do the Breakthrough Session to see, understand, release, and re-imagine the persistent limiting beliefs that are blocking your progress. 

Next, we will take a two-hour period apart, during which you will engage in self-care, reflection, and give yourself time to see what other limiting belief may rise to the surface as you consider moving forward in your transition and transformation. 

After those two hours apart, we will come together again for another hour - the Rewire Session, during which we actively access and engage the new stories that will support and inspire you. 

This is the beginning of your Integration Phase, which will continue for 30 days

During those 30 days, we will have TWO 30-minute Laser Coaching Calls. During these sessions, we address any challenges that have come up that make it difficult to hold your new story firmly in mind, and find the keys to keeping you locked into your positive and motivating mindset that serves as your blueprint for your future. 

Throughout this 30-Day Integration Phase, you will have unlimited access to support from me personally via ongoing rounds of personal coaching via email and/or your preferred messaging app (WhatsApp, Voxer, Facebook Messenger, etc.) You may contact me at any time, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can to offer support for your process and strategies to ensure your success. 

You will receive 10-minute exercises to complete daily, such as creativity prompts to help you explore the new ideas that are bubbling up and the possibilities you are beginning to imagine for yourself. These are not automated, one-size-fits-all activities. They are unique and personalized, created each day based on our dialogue and your particular challenges and goals.


This Integration Phase is a critical part of your journey. You will be actively replacing old stories, habits, and behaviors with NEW ones that support your new direction. 

So, part of your Integration Phase includes three methods to help you integrate your new narrative physically as well as mentally. You will get personalized Mindfulness, Breathwork, and EFT (tapping) training that you can use daily to synthesize your mind and body to deepen your transformation.


Once your Integration Phase is complete, you will being your Evolution Phase for 60 Days. Your VIP Evolve Series includes monthly Office Hours dedicated to VIP clients only, during which you are free to ask questions and get personal guidance as you continue your progress. You can choose to address anything you like, including work, projects, relationships, parenting, grandparenting, retirement, and whatever else might be testing your current story or inspiring you to create a new empowering narrative. 

This package also includes TWO 45-minute Evolve Coaching Calls that you can schedule at any time before Day 90.  


Please understand that once you´re a VIP, you are always my top priority.

You are always welcome to reach out to me with any questions after that. Whether it´s five months from now or five YEARS from now, I will always be happy to hear from you and offer support free of charge.

As you grow and face new challenges, we will continue to work together to make sure you adapt to your highest levels of innovation, success, and fun!

TWO 1-hour Sessions (Breakthrough + Rewire) on Day One

TWO Follow-up 30-minute Laser Coaching Calls before Day 30

TWO 45-minute Evolve Coaching Calls before Day 90

On-call, ongoing coaching support via email and your preferred messaging app (WhatsApp, etc.) for 30 days

Personalized Mindfulness and Breathwork training

Evolve monthly membership for 3 months, including VIP-dedicated Office Hours, monthly workshop videos or audios, and other benefits.  


This is a total of 6+ hours of 1:1 coaching calls PLUS 90 Days of unlimited online coaching support

INCLUDING personalized mindfulness/breathwork/EFT training

PLUS VIP-dedicated Office Hours available for 1:1 conversations during which you may ask any questions.

This package includes ALL the support you need for your transformation for 90 Days.

Twelve weeks of daily progress as you evolve and become who you are meant to be.




NOTE: I commit to being deeply present and available to you once you begin your VIP Evolve Series. So,  I take on only 2 VIP Evolve Series clients each month in order to focus on your needs and keep a healthy balance in my own life.

For this reason, it´s likely that your VIP Evolve Series will need to be scheduled at least 30 days after our Clarity Call.

All the more reason to schedule your no-obligation Clarity Call ASAP

Our Evolve insight partnership requires mutual trust.

It is important that you trust me to guide your Breakthrough Session, Integration Phase, and Evolution Phase.

And I have to trust that you are ready to accept the awareness that will come to you, willing to switch your story, and truly excited to pour yourself into your profound transformation.

But most of all, you need to trust yourself. Because you can do this, despite whatever fear you feel right now.

Your (free) 15-minute Clarity Call is a great way to connect and learn more about how this might work for you.

There´s ZERO pressure. YOU need to be the one to say you are ready. And we may decide together that it´s not right for you. If so, I am happy to discuss other options.

My goal is to help you get the results you desire. 

This is our chance to get to know each other and choose the best way to help you move forward, whether it´s the Breakthrough Series, the  VIP Evolve Series, or something else.

I am so looking forward to our conversation!


Questions? Feel free to visit my Frequently Asked Questions page or send me an email at