Creative BREAKTHROUGH Coaching Series  

illutration with the words:The Breakthrough Series

The first thing you need to believe is that this bold creative breakthrough is possible for you.

That it will happen. 

That it can happen quickly.

And that it can last.

EVERY SINGLE CLIENT I have worked with started out feeling like it would NOT work for them. 

And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM amazed themselves by creating a future they had not imagined possible. 

The second thing you need to believe is that you are a creative person

You don´t have to work in the creative industry or be a professional artist to benefit from this approach. It can work for you whether you´re a proud crafter or a CEO - or both!

Also, we know that women over 50 who have broken through to the whew! side of menopause often experience a surge in creativity. (I certainly did.)

And we can funnel this surge into exciting new possibilities! 

So, whether you make plans, programs, paintings, projects, patterns, processes, poems, or practically anything else

My clients overcome challenges that deeply affect their idea of who they are and what they´re capable of.

Their breakthroughs transform their personal lives AND their professional prospects.


branding strategist

United States

¨I went through therapy years ago,
but a year after my divorce,
I felt worse about myself than ever.

In my session with Maya,
I realized how my divorce was affecting my business.
Letting go of my limiting beliefs
around abandonment turned everything around.

I switched my story from
¨They´re just going to leave me¨
to one of myself
as a magnetic connector
who naturally attracts only those
who value me
(something I seriously questioned
after my ex-husband´s affair and remarriage.)

I shifted the focus of my business
to one I had been afraid to embrace.
Once I made this change,
everything fell into place.
I got new clients right away!
This gave me confidence to
increase my prices, too.

Right after my session,
I reached out to my sister.
We had become estranged,
which Maya helped me recognize
was related to the trauma of
the loss of our parents in an accident when I was 14.

Since my sister is six years older,
she had a different read on things,
and helped me understand all that
had happened to us.

We talk regularly now,
which is a direct result of my work with Maya.
We even took a trip together
for the first time in twenty years!
After missing out on so much,
we´re both committed to this new closeness.

My business is growing every month.
For so long, I dreaded every morning.
Now, I can´t wait to start each day,
and my new clients are a joy to work with.

And I have started dating!
It´s rough out there,
but I know I am lovable and
deserve stability in my relationships.
That is a gift that keeps me going
despite the inevitable dating disappointments.

I feel calm, happy, and optimistic.
I feel like I am living fully
for the first time in my life.¨

*You are going through a transition.

A loss. A move. A career change. A downsizing.

An identity shift.

A metamorphosis brought on by an awakening,

a revelation, an upheaval that has you rethinking everything.

Maybe this transition has been forced upon you. 

Or maybe you want to create it for yourself.  

You might not even know what change you want,

but you recognize that it´s time for a shift.


*You have tons of ideas, but need help choosing and defining your best one.

For most creative women, the challenge isn´t coming up with ideas.

The hard part is figuring out which ones really light you up

and have the potential to elevate you personally and/or professionally. 

Together, we can sort through your pile of possibles

and zero in on what will lift you up most right now.  



*You know what you want, but it´s hard to get started or build momentum.

In this series, we will clarify your chosen path, 

create a clear and simple strategy for you to follow,

and jump right in to make

tangible daily progress

that moves you forward in big ways toward your exciting future.


This series is DEFINITELY NOT for you if: 

*you don´t have time to spend 30 minutes daily for a month to create your new future 

*you don´t feel ready to make any changes

*you don´t believe it´s possible to experience a transformation unless you have coaching via live video or in-person sessions (more on that in a minute!) 



BUT if you want:

*a uniquely quick and effective approach that sticks,

*loving but direct guidance,

*a steady nudge that leads you to go deeper,

*a cheerful mentor who makes you laugh,

*and a no-nonsense accountability buddy who will 

 push and celebrate with you,

I am right here, waiting for you to choose yourself. 

As a minimalist, I designed the Vague to Visionary Series to be simple and powerful.


This unusual breakthrough coaching package gives you:

*a remarkable level of guidance and support throughout your 30-day journey

*a uniquely valuable transformation at an accessible price


I keep the quality high and the cost low in a very simple way:

We do everything via text and voice messaging. 


No Zoom calls to schedule in different time zones.

No live tech glitches to deal with.

No last-minute cancellations and re-scheduling.

In fact, other than choosing the day and time for your Breakthrough Session,

there´s no scheduling at all! 


By using a relaxed flow of thoughtful questions and responses

in an organized format that makes it easy to revisit,

we can go deep together daily,

allowing you to make consistent progress

and create serious momentum

that leads you toward your desired outcome.


Now, this is where most coaches get all coy about pricing. 

I won´t do that. 


I will not make you schedule a call and wait until the end of it to find out how much it costs.

(Seriously, who wants that?)

I am telling you the price right now. 


Your investment in your bold, life-changing breakthrough is

(US) $997 

That´s for your Breakthrough Session and a FULL MONTH of DAILY coaching and support.


Yes, I do have a three-month VIP Evolve Series that costs $5000.

I offer it to those who experience head-spinning success in their first month and want to continue with me for additional growth and support.


But here´s the TRUTH:

one month is all it takes to kickstart your brilliant future with:

*visionary clarity

*wild enthusiasm

*a sizzling strategy

*and thrilling progress


And it all begins with a simple voice message or text from YOU.

If we decide to work together to co-create your exciting new future, you will experience:


🚀 A Swift and Enlightening Breakthrough 

  • FIRST: let go of the idea that this has to take a long time. You can change your life, beginning immediately after your Breakthrough Session.


A Holistic and Sustainable Solution

  • Quick is good, but lasting is better. We work on building a strong foundation that will carry you through whatever challenges you face along the way.


🫖 Warmth, Humor, and a Tell-It-Like-It-Is Approach

  • The best transformations are both deep and light. We do profound work together, but do a lot of laughing, too. Laughter is a sign that you are taking control of your narrative!


🌟 Revealing the Root to Rewrite the Narrative

  • Seeing the root of your beliefs is a relief that opens up a sense of joy. There´s nothing like recognizing what you´ve already missed out on to get you motivated to move forward quickly! 


😌 Creating a renewed Mind-Body Connection 

  • Your limiting beliefs live in your body as well as your mind.  So we use three different science-backed techniques to help you release your old stories and lock in your new ones.


🤓 Becoming Your Own Expert

  • Master this Breakthrough technique to continue to grow. You will use what you learn as a powerful tool to make adjustments in all areas of your life. 


🗝️ Unlocking Your New Empowered Identity

  • Get no-nonsense nudges to help you make your new story a lasting habit in your daily life. Becoming a new version of yourself requires consistent action. After a month, it feels EASY! 


🧭 Exploring Your Exciting New Possibilities 

  • Leverage your confidence to pursue your new opportunities. You will surprise yourself by stepping out and showing up in ways you could not have imagined before. 


You clearly see what has been blocking you, and in minutes, release your old beliefs.

You feel light, buoyant, tingling, as though something inside you is coming to life.

You begin to see your future, the one you dare to imagine,

taking shape in your mind.


You fill in the details, create a crystal-clear picture.

You put it into words, write it, read it, say it to yourself.

It becomes your new go-to story, your reality-in-waiting, your guiding light.


You wake up and find yourself popping into creative flow.


Your new narrative, the one you are embodying daily now,

fills you with energy and confidence

You notice that you are standing taller,

striding more confidently, smiling more. 


You feel your mind opening,

finding parallels and correlations aligned with your new purpose.


Every day, you dive into your future making,

your dream building,

your NEW storytelling,

your thing creating.


You try on this new iteration of who you have always been.

You see your possibilities clearly. You walk toward them. 

You have no fear of failure, because this is your time to try, to push, to grow.

You know that your idea of success is within reach. 

You can see, feel, and taste the good things coming your way. 


This new future of yours has already started,

and it´s all because you chose to create it for yourself.


It has been less than 30 days,

but you feel so different,

so positive and excited.

And there is no stopping you now.


If you are ready to embrace all that is possible for you,

I invite you to choose yourself and create the future that´s right there waiting for you.

Many women do not recognize their talents as viable ways to create an income. And even if they do, they may feel that their dream job does not exist, or that it requires training and certifications that are beyond their reach. Your Breakthrough Session can reveal this dream and the path forward, with wonderful results!  


friendship coach


¨After my husband died, our two children moved to Tokyo for new jobs. They were so lonely.

I gave them advice to find new friends.

This was successful, so I helped others.

It was fun and easy for me to help people make new friends!  

I did this for no charge because I thought I was not a professional.

Maya showed me that I am an expert because I moved 22 times and have friends everywhere still.

She helped me to make a course that has daily activities, like a game with points.

Everyone loves it!

I quit my job at the cafe.

Now, I have nice private clients.

On my wall, I have so many photos of them with their new friends.

When I look at it, I cry with happiness. 

Every day, I wake up with new ideas.

This new life gives me joy and money. I am very proud! 

I am very thankful to Maya.

She made me feel strong and use my imagination.

I am 56 years old. I feel excited for my future.

I am honored to help with this loneliness problem in Japan.¨

My breakthrough process is a radical mashup.

(I mean, why not get creative about getting creative?)

It´s also reflective, regenerative, and rooted in research.


Toying with my 20-year-old concept of playful disruption,

I designed a mashup of mashups of the latest evidence-based understanding of:

creative breakthrough success stories 


transformational coaching techniques 


approaches to changing habits 


modalities for the physical healing of trauma. 


Here´s why this mashup is so effective:


Our process can move swiftly, because we give ourselves a head start.

We begin with a Curiosity Chat, followed by a round of thought-provoking questions via text and voice message that help both of us get clear on our focus during your Breakthrough Session.


A creative breakthrough is the opening of a new perspective

Disruption: Instead of spending months building up to a possible breakthrough, you start with an intensive Breakthrough Session that dives deep, hits the high notes, and gets you going.


Transformational coaching is all about helping you rewrite your reality.

Disruption: By front-loading the rewriting process on DAY ONE, you start with a new narrative that motivates you and propels you forward.


Changing a habit requires consistent action over the course of several weeks.

Disruption: Following your Breakthrough Session, we immediately dive into 30 days of personalized prompts, guidance, and accountability to deeply integrate your new narrative and lock it in.


The new understanding of trauma reveals the importance of physical healing in addition to verbal processing

Disruption: Rather than just talking about your limiting beliefs, we incorporate mindfulness and somatic healing modalities to ensure that your old limiting stories are released from your body as well as your mind, and your new narrative becomes a neurally-rooted part of who you are.



A towering four-layer breakthrough cake packed with science-soaked disruptive goodness.

It´s rich, dense, and yes, INTENSE. 

So, you´re going to digest it one bite at a time in your daily actions for 30 days. Each bite is a new, delicious blend.

It´s not for everyone. If you prefer not to mix your flavors, or like to take things slowly, you may not like this particular pop of pow.

But if you love the idea of playing with creativity and value rapid, robust results, you´re going to find this Breakthrough Series absolutely divine.

I live in Argentina, where cakes tend to have multiple layers of chocolate and dulce de leche. 

Whatever you´re facing, we can work together to create a positive path forward. 

From grieving to growth to gratitude, my clients create fulfilling new lives for themselves in a very short period of time.




¨When our city was bombed, my son and I took a train to Poland.

As a psychologist, I understood the depth of the trauma that all Ukrainians were facing. I was exhausted and grieving for the loss of everything.

I was deeply worried about my son´s health (his injury had complications), my ex-husband´s safety (he continued to fight), and my parents who had stayed behind. 

In one hour, Maya guided me as I recognized my grief and loss as a source of power. I was longing to find a way to feel strong and useful again.

As a psychologist, I had guilt about not serving others, but I was afraid of becoming overwhelmed by the weight of their grief. 

In my new story, I became a bright guiding light beaming love. My weakness became my strength.

Quickly, I felt energized and purposeful. Maya helped me to see that I felt called to start a free mental health clinic for other Ukrainian mothers here in Poland. This clinic truly brought me to life again as I helped others.

These days, I have plenty of paying clients. I support my entire family, including my son, my parents, my sister, and her two children, as all have joined us here.  

This is the most gratifying and important work I have ever done. Despite the continuing horror, I feel lighter when I bring myself and my compassion into my sessions. It is Maya´s generous guidance that helped me to turn my despair into beautiful work.¨ 

Our Breakthrough insight partnership requires honesty, presence, and commitment from both of us. 

You trust me to guide your Breakthrough and Integration Phase.

And I trust that you are 

ready to accept the awareness that will come to you, 

willing to switch your story, and

excited to spend a month investing in your transformation.

Also: you need to trust yourself. 

This is a fresh start.

If you feel you have tried and failed before, I can help you release that story and get ready for all the goodness ahead! 

Your Curiosity Chat is a great way for us to connect and learn more about each other. 

And there´s ZERO pressure. 

This isn´t about me trying to convince you!

And I already told you the price, so there´s no stress about how much it´s going to cost.

I´m simply curious about you, and would love to hear about your challenges and your dreams for your future. 

Without getting salesy or doing that rude¨Well, you´ll never get there on your own¨ thing.

Let´s just CHAT in the easiest, no-schedule way possible: voice and text messaging.



industrial designer


¨I had recently lost my mother.
We had a troubled past.
It hit me much harder than I expected.

Months went by, and I was unable to find joy in anything.

It was nearly impossible to work.
I lost my inspiration and faith in my abilities.

My husband and I separated (my despair drove us apart).
I was grieving for this loss on top of losing my mother.

Our two children were attending university in the States.
I missed them terribly.
But every call with them seemed to end in their anger
even as I tried to show my love for them.

I felt alone and defeated.
I was hopeless.

Maya helped me to understand a memory
about my mother that gave me peace.
This transformed my view of myself and my life.

I had always felt her harsh judgment
despite my success.
But I realized that her criticism of me
was exactly how she felt about herself.
She had many failures in her life.
She struggled to give me praise,
just as her parents did with her.

After recognizing this, I cried happy tears
as I felt my mother´s love for me.
I understood our relationship in
a deeper way.

I chose to forgive her.
I became free.

Maya helped me to create and fulfill my new story
of being valued and loved deeply.

I took down my wall of pain
that separated my husband and me.
We returned to our happiness.
We are together again,
grateful for each day.

My children returned for a visit. I told them everything.
I asked them to forgive me for my struggle and hurtful words.
We have returned to our kindness and love for each other.

At work, I am the lead designer on an exciting project.
Before, I would not have accepted the position
because of my fear of making a mistake.

I would have doubted myself,
hearing my mother´s voice in my head.

Now, when I hear that critical voice,
I feel compassion instead of anger.

I focus on the times when she let go of that pain for a moment and shared her love for me and her pride in my accomplishments.

By forgiving her, I feel softer.

I trust myself again.
I choose what is best for me without fear.

I am so grateful for the loving help I received from Maya.
I spent too many years suffering. It is beautiful to feel so light and free.¨