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Creative BREAKTHROUGH Transformational Coaching  

illutration with the words: Is this you?

A part of you knows there´s something brighter possible for you.

Even in your darkest moments, you can see a glimmer of it.

The challenge: how do you get there?


Maybe you are already going through a transition.

A devastating loss.

A huge move.

A major career change.

A monumental identity shift.

A metamorphosis brought on by an awakening,

a revelation, an upheaval that has you rethinking everything.


Or maybe there´s no big shift at all. In fact, nothing is happening. 

You feel stagnant. Uninspired.

You´re working on a project, but it´s just not moving forward. Something keeps blocking you.

You used to love what you do, but lately, you´re just not feeling it.

Or maybe you´re thinking your gifts have not yet been recognized, and you´re running out of time.

You could feel that the doors that used to be open to you are now closed.

You might even be afraid that this is the end of things, that you´ve reached your peak, and the rest is a slow downhill decline.

You may be struggling right now.

But you can take control of your future. 

And you can do it by this time next month.

I know that sounds hard to believe.

But I invite you to set aside your disbelief and imagine this:  


You clearly see the old beliefs

that have been blocking you,

and in minutes, simply release them.


The relief and buoyancy you feel upon

finally letting go of this weight

creates a sense of open space

just waiting to be filled with

something powerful and thrilling. 


You begin to see your future,

the one you dare to imagine,

taking shape in your mind.

You fill in the details,

create a crystal-clear picture,

put it into words, 

write it, read it, say it to yourself

until it becomes your new go-to story, 

your reality-in-waiting,

your guiding light.


You wake up and find yourself

popping into sizzling creative flow,

that state in which time passes in an instant,

synapses snapping,

ideas swirling, clarity forming.


You begin to do this so effortlessly, 

so frequently,

so naturally that you wonder why it was 

so hard to find it for so long.


Your new narrative, 

the one you are embodying daily now,

fills you with energy and hope. 

You notice that you are

beginning to stand taller,

walk more loosely,

smile more. 


You feel your mind opening,

finding parallels and correlations

aligned with your new purpose.


You go deeper daily,

diving into your future making,

your dream building,

your NEW story telling,

your thing creating.


You are trying on this 

new iteration of who you have always been.

You see your possibilities clearly.

You walk toward them. 

You have no fear of failure, because

this is your time to try, to push, to grow.

This new future of yours has started,

and it´s all because you chose to

create it for yourself.


It has been less than 30 days.

And there is no stopping you now.


If you are ready to embrace all that may be possible for you,

I invite you to choose yourself and create the future you desire.  

You are smart and talented.

You´ve got beautiful things to create.

You want to contribute in a bigger way.

And you are so ready to feel truly valued for your work.

So, we won´t waste any time. We´re going to dive in and get things MOVING right away. 

See your limiting belief clearly.

Understand its impact on your habits and choices.

Release its power over you.  

Replace it with a thrilling new belief that leads you to your highest level of fulfillment.

Use the tools you learn and your new clarity and confidence to continue your healing, growth, and expansion.

By this time next month.

photo of Maya Frost, trauma-informed breakthrough transformational coach, wearing a blue satin blouse, sitting in front of a desk with a turquoise wall and abstract painting in muted blue and green hues

The Breakthrough Series includes one 60-minute Breakthrough Session

+ Integration Support for 30 Days


We start with a complimentary 15-minute Clarity Call.

This is our chance to get to know each other and make sure you´re ready, willing, and able to invest the time and energy into this one-month period of dramatic change and growth.


If we agree that the Breakthrough Series is the right fit for you, we will schedule your Breakthrough Session. (Here´s what happens during a Breakthrough Session)


On Day Two, you begin your Integration Phase, which will continue for 30 days

This Integration Phase is a critical part of your transformation. You will be actively replacing old stories, habits, and behaviors with NEW ones that support your new direction. 

So, part of your Integration Phase includes two methods to help you release your old stories and integrate your new narrative physically as well as mentally. You will get personalized instruction in evidence-based Mindfulness and Breathwork exercises that you can use to synthesize the change in your mind and body to deepen your Breakthrough process. Based on your preferences, we will also select a series of exercises you can do daily to help you feel calm, clear, and creative during your Integration Phase and beyond.


Throughout this 30-Day Integration Phase, we will have ongoing rounds of personal coaching via email and/or your preferred messaging app. I will be available to you for any questions and to offer support and encouragement. 

You will receive short (5-10 minute) exercises to complete daily, such as creativity prompts to help you explore the new ideas that are bubbling up and the possibilities you are beginning to imagine for yourself.


In addition, we will have TWO 30-minute Laser Coaching Sessions that you schedule about two weeks apart. During these sessions, we address any challenges that have come up around your new story, and find the keys to keeping you locked into your positive and motivating mindset that serves as your blueprint for your future. 



VIP Evolve limited membership for 3 months following your Breakthrough Session

The VIP Evolve membership is exclusively for those who have completed the Breakthrough Series. It includes one workshop video or audio per month, VIP-dedicated Office Hours, during which you may get additional personal guidance, and other benefits.

As part of this introductory 3-month membership bonus, you may also schedule TWO 30-minute Laser Coaching Calls. (These 2 Calls are in addition to the 2 during your Integration Phase.)

This means you get continued support for a total of four months.


1 60-minute Breakthrough Session (up to 90 minutes, via Zoom or other app)

2 30-minute Laser Coaching Calls

30 Days of Ongoing Rounds of Focused Coaching via email or messaging app (with daily prompts and exercises)

Personalized Mindfulness and Breathwork training

INTRODUCTORY BONUS: VIP Evolve Membership for 3 months after your Breakthrough Series ends (2 additional 30-minute Laser Coaching Calls)


The best way to illustrate the impact of the Breakthrough Series is through client stories.


While every client is unique, with their own limiting beliefs and new narrative guiding their next steps, these testimonials give you an idea of how your Breakthrough Series might help you. 

I work with clients who are facing all kinds of challenges, including some extreme circumstances. Know that whatever you´re facing, we can work together to create your positive path forward.

Which of these stories resonates most with YOU?


pediatric nurse/sleep coach


(NOTE: Renate is a VIP Evolve member. We continued to work together for six months after her Breakthrough Session. I include her story here to give you an idea of the scope of the transformation that may be possible for you.)

¨When I first connected with Maya, I was working 12-hour night shifts and spending my days caring for my 18-year-old son, who has special needs. For years, my husband and I had arranged our schedules so that one of us was always home with him. But he was moving into a living facility with other young people who needed medical staff on site, so we were going through a transition. I knew I wanted to make a big change in how I worked.

My session with Maya helped me to see that I had skills and talents that I could use in new ways. As a pediatric nurse, I had a lot of experience with infants and toddlers and helping them go to sleep in a hospital despite loneliness and discomfort. Also, as the mother of a medically fragile child who always struggled to sleep, I developed my own technique to help him to relax before bed.

Maya inspired me to consider becoming a sleep coach for families. But where I live, there is no one willing or able to pay for such a thing. Maya introduced me to her contact with an agency that helps wealthy families. Very quickly, I got a job working with a nice family in Paris! Right after that, I got a job in London.

Two months later, as I was working 2-week periods away from home, Maya helped me to create a course to sell. When I told her that I love to sing and collect lullabies in different languages (I always asked the patients´ mothers to teach me the lullabies they sang to their children), she encouraged me to create a recording of lullabies, too. 

This changed everything! Suddenly, through that same agency, I was selling many courses and recordings, and getting offers to work with families who have twins or special-needs children in Monaco, Geneva, Marbella, Cannes, and more. 

Each day, I wake up and cannot believe that I am paid over US$30,000 per month. This for working just two weeks with wonderful families in beautiful places, and selling a few courses and recordings!

My husband retired early from his construction job. He joins me on a vacation in each place after my two-week work period. We had many trips paid for by my generous clients. Now, I choose my schedule and pick the jobs I want based on the family and their location.

After 18 years of not being able to travel together, always worrying about money and feeling exhausted, this life feels like a dream come true. 

Maya is absolutely the reason that I have this amazing work. She inspired me to learn about this opportunity, envision it, and make it really happen.

Recently, I created a foundation to help other families with special-needs children get the resources and support they need. This is yet another dream come true!

If you are in a transition or have a dream for yourself (especially if you don´t have a clear one yet), I wholeheartedly recommend working with Maya. She will help you to see things you could never imagine for yourself. Just be ready for changes!




¨When our city was bombed, my son and I took a train to Poland. As a psychologist, I understood the depth of the trauma that all Ukrainians were facing. I was exhausted and grieving for the loss of everything. I was deeply worried about my son´s health (his injury had complications), my ex-husband´s safety (he continued to fight), and my parents who had stayed behind. 

In one hour, Maya guided me as I recognized my grief and loss as a source of power. I was longing to find a way to feel strong and useful again. As a psychologist, I had guilt about not serving others, but I was afraid of becoming overwhelmed by the weight of their grief. 

In my new story, I became a bright guiding light beaming love. 

Quickly, I felt energized and purposeful. Maya helped me to see that I felt called to start a free mental health clinic for other Ukrainian mothers here in Poland. This clinic truly brought me to life again as I helped others.

These days, I have plenty of paying clients. I support my entire family, including my son, my parents, my sister, and her two children, as all have joined us here.  

This is the most gratifying and important work I have ever done. Despite the continuing horror, I feel lighter when I bring myself and my personal understanding into my sessions. It is Maya´s generous guidance that helped me to turn my despair into beautiful work.¨ 


branding company owner


¨I went through therapy years ago, but a year after my divorce, I felt worse about myself than ever

In my session with Maya, I realized how my divorce was affecting my business. Letting go of my limiting beliefs around abandonment turned everything around. I switched my story to one of myself as a magnetic connector, someone who naturally attracts people who value me (something I seriously questioned after my ex-husband´s affair and remarriage.) I shifted the focus of my business, felt confident enough to raise my rates, and got new clients right away!

Right after rewriting my story, I reached out to my sister. We had become estranged, which Maya helped me recognize was related to the trauma of the loss of our parents in an accident when I was 14. Since my sister is six years older, she had a helpful read on things. We talk regularly now, which is a direct result of my work with Maya. 

My business is growing every month. My sister and I took a trip together for the first time in twenty years. And I have started dating! It´s rough out there, but I know I am lovable and deserve stability in my relationships. That is a gift that keeps me going despite the inevitable dating disappointments. I feel calm, happy, and optimistic.¨


friendship coach


¨After my husband died, our two children moved to Tokyo for new jobs. They were so lonely. I gave them advice to find new friends. It was successful, so I helped others. It was fun and easy for me to help people make new friends!  

I did this for no charge because I thought I was not a professional. Maya showed me that I am an expert because I moved 22 times and have friends everywhere still. She helped me make a course that has daily activities, like a game with points. Everyone loves it!

Now, I have nice private clients. On my wall, I have so many photos of them with their new friends. When I look at it, I cry with happiness. Every day, I wake up with new ideas. This new life gives me so much joy! 

I am very thankful to Maya. She helped me to feel strong and use my imagination again. Now, at 56, I feel excited for my future.¨


industrial designer


¨I had recently lost my mother. We had a troubled past. It hit me much harder than I expected.

Months went by, and I was unable to find joy in anything. It was nearly impossible to work. My husband and I were newly separated (my despair and anger drove us apart) and my two children were attending university in the States. I felt alone and defeated.

When I worked with Maya, I discovered a memory about my mother that gave me peace. Afterward, I cried happy tears as I felt my mother´s love for me. I understood our relationship in a deeper way. I chose to forgive her. I became free. I was able to concentrate on my new story. 

My husband and I are together again. We are very happy. At work, I am designing an exciting new project. Most of all, I trust myself to know what is right for me. I am so grateful for the loving help I received from Maya."

Our Breakthrough insight partnership requires mutual trust.

It is important that you trust me to guide your Breakthrough process and Integration Phase.

And I have to trust that you are ready to accept the awareness that will come to youwilling to switch your story, and excited to spend a month investing some time and energy in your transformation.

Your (free) 15-minute Clarity Call is a great way for us to connect and get a sense of how we´ll work together. 

But there´s no pressure! These calls are all about getting to know you, your current challenges, and your dreams for your future. And of course, you can ask me anything you like.

I am so looking forward to our conversation!



Feel free to visit my Frequently Asked Questions page or send your question to me via the form on my Contact page