Ready to reach your highest levels of creativity, fulfillment, and freedom?

I have helped creative clients in 18 countries achieve bold breakthroughs that changed their lives in just a few weeks.

It starts with just ONE session

photo of Maya Frost, trauma-infomred breakthrough transformational coach, wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt against a wall mural in purple and blue

Hey there!  I´m Maya Frost. 

I help creative folks over 40 rise to loftier levels of innovation and fun.

So, who counts as creative?

You´re creative if you feel energized by ideas and fulfilled by creating.

You don´t have to work in the creative industry or be a professional artist. If you make plans, programs, paintings, projects, processes, poems, or practically anything else, and you´re lit up by building something that speaks to you and others, you are my people!

My goal is to help you flourish in all areas of your life so you can use your full creative powers for good. 

Because the world needs more of your magic. 

Trauma-informed creative breakthrough transformational coach is quite a mouthful.

I focus on the BREAKTHROUGH part, and lean into CREATIVITY.

I help my clients dismantle their limiting beliefs and tap into their most electrifying creative energy.

My remarkably effective technique was developed accidentally while I was doing pro bono work with creative women over 50 who were struggling during the pandemic.

It works.

It´s fast

And it lasts.

In fact, in just ONE Breakthrough Session + 30 Days of Integration Support, you can create a sparkling new future for yourself.  

(Yes, really.)

illustration with the words: Limiting what?

So, what is a limiting belief or story?  

It´s simply something you say to yourself that makes you limit your options. 

Whether you call it a story (it´s fiction) or a belief (we really do believe it), it keeps you from being, doing, or creating what you want.


We don´t always recognize them, but most of us struggle with at least one of the most common self-limiting stories

Part of this is due to our conditioning as we grew up.

Child of the 60s, 70s, or 80s? You got conditioned in ways other generations did not. 

It wasn´t all bad. (I mean, how great was that just-be-back-by-dinner freedom?)

But there were expectations and assumptions that have affected our choices throughout our lives.

Add on your own personal experiences and the umbrellas you stand under (cultural, religious, or social) and there can be a whole book of these stories you tell yourself that keep you from progressing both personally and professionally.  


If you´re over 40 and creating anything, you may have a specific subset of self-limiting stories that are affecting your ability to thrive at your highest level.

You may be telling yourself things like:

illustration that reads:  ¨I can´t keep up with new tech or trends.¨ ¨I failed before, so it´´s not worth trying.¨ ¨No one wants what I offer anymore.¨ ¨It´s too late for me.¨


These limiting beliefs (and others) can prevent you from starting or completing the projects that are calling to you.

They´re the stay-small stories you tell yourself when you´re worried at 3 a.m.

They are your worst critics when you feel frustrated.

They block the forward momentum you need to feel motivated and confident.

And they keep you stuck in a sad cycle of ¨nope, not gonna happen¨ that beats you down.


I get it.

TRUTH: I have clung to over a dozen limiting beliefs, and have tossed ALL of them.

So, I have a deeply personal as well as a professional understanding of their causes, intensity, and impact. And I know exactly what has worked for me and my clients to finally let them all go.

WHEW! That is an incredible feeling.

Are you ready to finally break free?

illustration with words on a white background reading: First: relax

Does the word breakthrough scare you? 

How about transformation? Or trauma?

I know these terms can sound pretty intimidating.

(Is this like therapy? Will it be scary? Is there crying?)

But there´s no need to worry.

For our purposes, a breakthrough is simply a shift in perspective

A transformation is a meaningful and lasting change in your thoughts, choices, and actions.

88% of my clients say they felt enlightened and excited after their Breakthrough Session. (The other 12%? relieved and ready.) 

See? Not so scary. But it is powerful. Want to know more? 

photo of Maya Frost, trauma-informed breakthrough transformational coach, wearing a purple sweater and necklace in front of an abstract painting in purple and teal
illustration with words on white background, reading: Why it words

My signature Breakthrough Series is a radical mashup.

(It´s also reflective, regenerative, and rooted in research.)


In fact, it´s a mashup of mashups of:

the latest scientific understanding of what´s needed for a successful creative breakthrough


a warp-speed version of the top transformational coaching techniques


the top evidence-based approaches to changing habits 


the newest research showing the importance of intentional physical healing of trauma in addition to verbal processing

illustration that reads: Why it works

I believe in playful disruption.

Combining ¨inside¨ and ¨outside¨ perspectives can amplify usefulness.


To get meta about it, a creative mashup is a creative way to boost creativity.

Let me break it down:


A creative breakthrough is the opening of a new perspective initiated by re-evaluating data, re-interpreting old ideas, and drawing unique connections and conclusions. We know that a single WOW is more likely to inspire action than a series of quiet revelations over time.

Disruption: Rather than spending months building up to a breakthrough, we start with an intensive 60-minute Breakthrough Session that goes deep, hits the high notes, and gets you going.


Transformational coaching is all about helping people rewrite their reality in order to open up to greater opportunities, whether related to better health, relationships, or professional success.

Disruption:  By front-loading the rewriting process on DAY ONE, you start with a new narrative that pushes you forward.


A limiting belief is simply a habitual thought. If you´ve read James Clear´s book, Atomic Habits, you know that changing a habit requires consistent action over the course of several weeks.

Disruption: Immediately following your single Breakthrough Session, we dive into 30 days of exercises, guidance, and accountability to deeply integrate your new narrative and lock it in.


Many limiting beliefs are rooted in trauma. The new understanding of trauma and its impacts on our nervous system reveals the importance of physical healing in addition to verbal processing

Disruption: Rather than only talking it out, we incorporate mindfulness and somatic healing modalities such as breathwork and EFT (tapping) to ensure that your old limiting stories are released from your body as well as your mind, and your new narrative becomes a neuron-rooted part of who you are.


A tantalizing four-layer coaching cake filled with science-backed goodness. 


It´s not for everyone. If you are a purist who prefers not to mix your flavors, you might not like this particular pop of pow.


But if you value combinational creativity and disruption, you´re likely to find this Breakthrough Series absolutely delicious.

illustrataion with the rods What to Expect

When we work together, you can expect:


🚀 A Swift and Enlightening Breakthrough 

  • FIRST: let go of the idea that this has to take a long time. You are capable of switching your story and making lasting changes immediately.


A Holistic and Sustainable Solution

  • Quick is good, but lasting is better.  Our focus is on synthesizing the realizations from your Breakthrough Session and strategically inserting them into your daily life every day for a month.


🫖 Warmth, Humor, and a Tell-It-Like-It-Is Approach

  • The best transformations are both deep and light. My approach is a potent mix of oh-THERE-it-is directness, isn´t-life-absurd? humor, and you´ve-got-this encouragement.


🌟 Revealing the Root to Rewrite the Narrative

  • Seeing the root of your belief is a relief that can open up a sense of joy. Rewriting your story is an exhilarating creative exercise in reinvention!


😌 Creating a Mind-Body Connection 

  • Your limiting beliefs live in your body as well as your brain. You will learn the most effective evidence-based mind-body connection techniques that result in a more profound release of the past belief that has been affecting your nervous system.


    💪 Becoming Self-Guiding

    • Master this Breakthrough technique  yourself rather than rely on more sessions. Your experience will serve as your own personal case study, and you´ll have skills you can use forever. 


    🗝️ Unlocking Your New Empowered Identity

    • Get no-nonsense nudges to help you make your new story an abiding habit in your daily life. With regular prompts and accountability, you will practice your new skills in integrating your shiny new narrative.


    🧭 Exploring Your Exciting New Possibilities 

    • Leverage your skills and confidence to explore your new opportunities. Trust yourself to make clear, bold choices that lead to greater growth and fulfillment.


    illustration depicting the progresion of three steps in the Breakthrough Series, including the Breakthrough Session, Integration Phase, and Expanded Possibilities, listing the beneifts of each (Clarity and Commitment in the Breakthrough Session, Success a

    It´s simple by design, and that´s part of its power.

    graphic illustation that reads: How it all started

    This approach to creative breakthrough coaching is unique, and so is the way it started. 


    When the pandemic hit, I launched Switch Strategies for Change to help women over 50 who were struggling with income insecurity due to the closures.

    I reached out to my non-profit contacts and offered business mentorship and personal coaching to those they serve. Requests rolled in. Then I got some press, and suddenly, I had a crazy-long list of women around the world asking for my help.

    To narrow it down, I chose to help those who were the sole breadwinners in their households, single-handedly supporting their children, grandchildren, and/or aging family members. 

    For the first two years, I charged nothing. 

    These women were on the verge of losing everything.

    But physical businesses were struggling, and employment options were limited.

    It was clear that the women I was helping were strong, wise, and capable.

    They had knowledge that would be valuable to others.

    illustration in white font on dark blue background that reads: Epiphany: Everyone was at home and online. It was the perfect time to launch digital courses!


    I knew firsthand how one simple course could bring in income quickly.

    You see, I launched my first online course back in 2003.  

    Over twenty years ago.

    photo of Apple founder Steve Jobs standing on a stage with a demonstration about burning CDS enttiled Rip, Mix, Burn, 2003.

    Google was five years old. Facebook wouldn't go live for another year.

    YouTube and Twitter were still three years away.

    I had ZERO tech backgroundNO training in marketing or publicity.

    And a topic that was barely searched for on Google.

    But I had an idea that I just couldn't shake.

    When I was 15, I was the sole survivor in a devastating accident. 

    As I struggled to cope, someone reached out to teach me how to meditate.

    But meditation was hard for me. 

    So, I figured out a way to play with being present while doing regular things throughout the day.

    I turned mindfulness into a fun game I couldn´t wait to play. 

    My mindfulness game was simple and easy.

    It made me feel calm, clear, and creative

    I got good at it. And it saved me.

    photo of four lovely sisters, ages 13 to 17, smiling in a sepia-toned image, textured curtain background

    Years passed.

    In 2003, my four daughters were in middle and high school.  

    That brought back memories of my own experiences at their age, including the accident and its impact. And I was processing the deaths of three of my brothers (one of AIDS, two by suicide).  

    I doubled down on my mindfulness practice.

    And I remembered my little game.

    I thought it might help others the way it had helped me.

    So, with very basic skills and tools, I created and launched my first online course. 

    Three months later, something amazing happened:

    Meditation made the cover of TIME magazine.

    Mindfulness was mentioned. Overnight, it became a buzzword.

    Through my simple email course and weekly newsletter,

    I taught thousands of people in over 100 countries how to get calm, clear, and creative.

    My playful, eyes-wide-open approach to paying attention was featured in over 150 media outlets worldwide, as well as books for teachers, artists, students, and others.

    illustration of press logos for magazines, including Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Men´s Health, Marie Claire, Glamour, Ladies Home Journal, More, Wired, Penthouse, Parents,
    scribbled blue line


    I was fired up to help these women create their courses.

    But BEFORE I could do that, I had to help them release their gnarly old limiting stories that would prevent them from even getting started, let alone becoming successful.


    illustration of words in white font on dark blue background that read: Most of them believed they had: no valuable skills, no ability to create something new, no authority to teach anything, no ideas  good enough to sell

    We quickly began knocking those old stories down. Then, we created beautiful new ones.

    And that´s when things started to switch.

    illustraton of the two alternate-facing black arrows which form part of the logo for Switch Transformations

    Firstthey switched their stories. Thensuccess came easily.

    Every single client surpassed her success goals for her course!

    At first, I thought it was due to my dazzling digital course coaching skills. 😂

    But these women were confident throughout the ups and downs of the course creation and marketing process. They had changed, and that changed everything.


    I never expected that the turbo-charged creative breakthrough/transformational coaching/habit-changing whirlwind I created to quickly shift their beliefs in the beginning would be so profoundly pivotal and consistently effective. 

    Some used their course to start or build a business. Others turned a hobby into a whole new career.

    Every one of them would tell you that their entire lives changed once they switched their story.

    Here are a few client testimonials.

    Which of their old limiting beliefs (in blue) sound familiar to you?

    photo of a lovely woman, age 52, with stylish red hair, smiling, turned to the side


    salon owner/instructor 


    ¨I was desperate when my salon was forced to close during COVID. I am a single mother with two children. I felt unable to do anything new. I was not a good student and could not see myself as a teacher. Maya inspired me to imagine an exciting story for myself. It was fun! I created a hair design course to help other salon owners. These days, my old competitors are my best friends, and I have two incomes. Being an instructor made me confident. This is very new for me. My children are so proud! Every day, I appreciate this new life.¨

    photo of a lovely woman, age 63, with wavy black hair with two gray streaks, smiling, brown, skin, red blouse, in front of a brick wall



    United Kingdom

    ¨When the pandemic hit, I crashed. I had ideas for new projects, but no motivation or confidence to approach gallerists or potential clients. I lost not just hope but my sense of who I was.

    Maya got me going again. Creating my course reminded me of my gifts. The new income was an enormous relief, and helping artists inspired me. But the biggest change was decision makers starting to approach meThey heard about my course and were intrigued by my work. I am now the top choice for projects I never would have applied for before. I am forever grateful to Maya.¨ 

    photo of a lovely Indian woman, age 52, with black hair, red mark on her forehead and part, white blouse, smiling, blue and white house in the background


    novelist/writing coach 


    "After my divorce, I needed to support my three children. I was sick with worry. I knew it would take a year to write another book. As a first-time author, I did not believe I was good enough yet to teach others. Maya helped me to release that story. Once I saw myself as a passionate writer who helps others (rather than a newbie author), I became unstoppable! Maya virtually held my hand as I created my first course and then two more. These gave me a steady income within three months. I am surprised that I love teaching even more than writing!¨


    graphic designer/instructor

    United States


    ¨During COVID, my parents moved in with me, and then my two daughters came home from college. I was supporting everyone, but lost my hotel job due to travel bans. I had no savings (thanks to recent medical bills) and was so stressed that my hair was falling out and I broke out in hives. I was miserable in so many ways.

    Enter Maya. When I showed her the pattern designs I made for fun, she suggested I create an online course. This brought me wonderful students, a vibrant community, and a much bigger savings account! Currently, I have a design contract with a home goods company and work from home, where I can help my parents. I love what I do!¨

    photo of a lovely woman, age 53, with very short black hair, brown skin, purple earrings, nice smile


    event planner/trainer


    ¨When COVID cancelled events, I was so upset about money that I could not get out of bed. I thought it was impossible for me to make money in a new way. Maya showed me I could be a teacher, not just a planner. I noticed a big difference in my thinking. I felt proud and excited to help other planners. Now, I am planning events again, but my course gave me clients who pay more. I can work less and stay home with my family. I have so much energy! I love my job again.¨

    photo of a lovely woman, age 72, smiling with mouth closed, blue eyes, long white hair, red jacket




    "When my daughter and grandson came to live with me, I worried about how to pay for everything. I was used to spending so little. Maya taught me to see how my idea about being a struggling artist destined to be poor was limiting me. It was a delight to create a new story! I am convinced it helped me to become successful with my art course. Thanks to Maya, at 72, I have many new artist friends and financial security for the first time in my life."


    bakery owner/instructor


    ¨My bakery was open for three years when COVID started, forcing me to stay closed. I had three sons at home. I was exhausted baking everything alone and delivering it for little profit. I couldn´t pay rent. My mother, who lived 20 kilometers away, was going blind and needed my help. Every night, I cried.

    Maya taught me to make an online baking course. My boys filmed some videos of us baking in our small kitchenI posted about it on Facebook. Others shared it. Many people bought my course! I was proud to help families bake together.

    Then Maya encouraged me to be on a TV baking show with my boys. People went crazy! (The girls watching loved my sons. 😂) In the first two months, I made almost US$60,000. I sold my bakery. I bought a house so my mother can live with us. Now, we have a contract to create a cookbook together! This beautiful life is because of Maya.¨

    scribbled blue line
    illustration that reads: Now it´s your turn

    All of these clients (and nearly 100 others) released their old beliefs and created fulfilling new lives for themselves within three months.

    They chose to switch their stories in order to make their future success possible. This is what allowed them to create a life they love.

    (And no, you don´t have to start a course for this to work for you!)

    What will you do once you switch your story? 

    I can´t wait to help you find out.

    photo of Maya Frost smiling, chin resiting on her hand, head tilted, friendly, wearing a teal t-shirt in front of an abstract painting in teal and lavender

    illustration of an open book with the left page featuring a broken heart and the right page with unreadable handwritten words


    Still here? I appreciate your curiosity! 

    My work is inspired by my personal story. 

    It starts out sad, but then there´s a big switch and a happy ending.