photo of Maya Frost, trauma-infomred breakthrough transformational coach, wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt against a wall mural in purple and blue

Welcome! I´m Maya Frost. 


As a creative focused on transformational work in the areas of personal and cultural shifts, I have spent decades exploring new ways to inspire, manage, and create change.


I help post-50 thinkers, creators, and innovators grow big ideas via brave narratives and bold outreach. As a change strategist and storytelling futurist, I use my gifts in service of those working for the common good.

We begin with your own creative breakthrough, leading to your loftiest levels of clarity and inspiration to guide your mission.


This work I love is a wildly rich blend of my: 

✔️great gigs as an author, artist, educator, change strategist, business owner, mediator & mindfulness trainer

✔️diverse interests (ecology, psychology, tech, art, culture & business) 

✔️unique tweaks of motivation techniques 

✔️quirky talent for imagining the outrageously positive

✔️playful disruption to create new ways to solve problems 

✔️worldly view from living and traveling in many countries 

✔️future focus as a grandmother of five

✔️been-there wisdom thanks to healing from complex childhood trauma 


At this critical inflection, I collaborate with those who are creating deep meaning while imagining and building a future that supports people and planet.


If you are working on a project that requires a uniquely  uplifting perspective on what is possible for our future, I would be delighted to connect with you.

Let´s make things better together.

I offer two ways to work with me:


Breakthrough Session

A 1:1 90-minute session that solidifies your personal reinvention concept through a flexible flow of voice and text messaging.  This process leaves space for contemplation, sparking greater insight than a face-to-face Zoom conversation allows.

Open to all post-50 thinkers, creators, and innovators seeking to start with their own transformation.



Breakthrough Series

This series of four 1-hour sessions over the course of one month offers a deep dive into using inspired storytelling to shift cultural ideas that block positive change. 

Via voice message, text, Zoom, email, or a supportive combination of all of the above.

Open to individuals over 50 and groups seeking strategy and guidance in crafting inspired thought leadership.



friendship coach


¨Loneliness is a big problem in Japan. I wanted to help people to make friends. I was very good at it, but did not charge money. Maya showed me how to make a course that was like a game. Everyone loved it!

Now, so many people take my course, and I have private clients and even teach others to help students and older people make friends, too. I am so honored and happy to do this fun work!

Maya was a very nice coach. She encouraged me, and she helped me realize many great ideas that made me successful.¨


grandparent mentor

South Africa

¨When my daughter died of cancer, I became the guardian for my two young granddaughters, then ages 2 and 4. I was still grieving the loss of my husband the year before, and had a demanding job running a social services agency.

With Maya´s loving guidance, I saw that I could help other custodial grandparents. She was instrumental in both inspiring me and guiding me as I created my local program and left my job to stay home with the girls while expanding to help other grandparents abroad.¨




¨After our town was destroyed, I escaped with my son to Poland. I was in mourning for all we had lost, and felt guilty that I was too afraid to take on more grief by helping others. 

Thanks to Maya, I was able to see my grief as my strength. I opened a free clinic for other struggling Ukrainian mothers in Poland. 

This is the most important and fulfilling work I have ever done. Though the horror continues, I am deeply grateful to have a way to help other women from my country find small joys and build community despite the hardships.¨

I choose to work with those who have a compelling story and a desire to help others overcome a challenge they have faced themselves.

With happy clients in 18 countries, I intentionally partner with women over 50 who have (or create) a concept that can uplift others in their community and beyond. 

illustration that reads: It is far more rewarding to work toward creating your dream than it is to watch in comfort as it slips away.