Creative Breakthrough Coaching

Welcome, Women Over 50! 

If you´re on the SWEET side of menopause,

your brain is FIRED UP for greater clarity & creativity.

Let´s make the most of it! 


I have helped women over 50 in 18 countries  

*release their limiting stories,

*achieve life-changing breakthroughs, and

*pursue new possibilities that exhilarate them 

in just 30 days.

photo of Maya Frost, trauma-infomred breakthrough transformational coach, wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt against a wall mural in purple and blue

Hey there! I´m Maya Frost. 

I help creative women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond rise to their loftiest levels of imagination, fulfillment, and FUN.

(Did you hit menopause in your 40s? You´re welcome here!)

I created my surprisingly quick and effective breakthrough technique while doing pro bono work with women over 50 around the world who were struggling during the pandemic. 

It works. It´s fast. And it lasts.

Also: it´s not for everyone. You´ve got to WANT to change.

But if you´re ready, you can experience a scintillating transformation in just 30 days. (Yes, really.)

That´s my thing. I do breakthrough coaching ONLY. 

Do you like fast results, too?

Are you curious about what´s possible for you?

You´re in the right place.

As women over 50, we have a different appreciation for the years ahead.

And though we have gained the capacity to take things slowly,

we also know when to stop wasting time and DIG IN.


Also: we embrace the idea of transforming our trajectory,

turning that downward trend toward decline 

into our chance to show up as wise and RISE.


I know it´s possible to facilitate your creative breakthrough in 30 days.

So, I refuse to turn it into a six-month or one-year coaching package that drags it out longer than necessary. You´ve got things to do! 

We begin with your big-wow Breakthrough Session,

and then immerse in your it´s-my-time-now Integration Phase.

That´s daily action (20 minutes a day) with ongoing coaching support and accountability for 30 days.

No boring homework.

No canned prompts.

This is deeply personalized and all about YOU

and what will create momentum toward YOUR goals.


And it´s this momentum that makes all the difference.


In fact, it´s the key ingredient to getting your new story (and all its glorious potential) to stick.

Have you read James Clear´s book, Atomic Habits

If you have, you know that consistent daily action is essential if you want to change any habit - and that includes habitual thoughts that block you from making progress.

By re-shaping your thoughts, fine-tuning your vision, and making daily progress, you can move forward immediately and consistently

Just ONE motivating month of short but focused daily action can create HUGE shifts.

illustration that reads: We all have limiting stories.

A limiting belief or story is that restrictive voice in your head that affects how you think, feel, and act.  

It causes frustration and self-doubt. 

Whenever you try to move forward, it stops you. 


Let´s use a gardening analogy. 🌱

Think of a limiting belief like this:

It´s a big ol´ weed with stabby thorns

growing right in the middle of your garden path.

Instead of pulling it out, you choose to ignore this weed.

It gets bigger.

You step around it to avoid the prickly parts. 

It sprawls and reaches, tearing at your clothes.

You can´t get the wheelbarrow past it.

You start missing out on picking and enjoying all the good stuff that´s growing on the other side because that huge weed is in your way.


Soon, it blocks your path completely. It´s part of the landscape now. 

You´ve stopped even trying to get around it, and simply avoid that part of the garden.

You do this for so long that you don´t even notice you´re doing it. 


See how it limits you? 

It´s taking away your freedom,

your progress,

and your JOY.


Alternate scenario? 

You dig that stickery monster OUT,

and plant something beautiful in its place. 

Only then can you stop making yourself small 

and happily skip down that path to enjoy your whole bloomin´ garden! 🍓🥬🌻


Most of us struggle with at least one if not several limiting stories. 

Some we can blame on the conditioning we grew up with in the 60s and 70s

Others are rooted in our own personal experiences or the umbrellas we stand under (cultural, religious, or social).


Fear of change. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of loss.


Procrastination. Perfectionism. Self-Sabotage. Avoidance.


And as women over 50,

we have our own special subset of stay-small stories:

These bullying beliefs whisper in your ear at 3 a.m.

They kick you when you´re down.

They are the muck that keeps you stuck.


Banishing your bullying beliefs will change your life.

And it can happen more quickly and easily than you think.

I keep things simple.

So, I offer only ONE 1:1 coaching option. 

It´s my 30-Day Breakthrough Series.

Whether you´re

feeling stuck,

facing a major life transition, or

ready to shake things up in a big way,

I can help you see what´s holding you back, design an empowering new story for yourself, create and dive into a strategic plan, and become a more aligned, fulfilled, and successful version of yourself by this time next month.

photo of sunlight streaming through tall trees in a forest with the words The Breakthrough Series


There are NO openings for my Breakthrough Series until September 2024.

illustration that reads: Story time!

Every breakthrough experience is unique and life-changing.

And they come in all sizes!

Here, I share two client stories:

one client who chose to focus on just one or two areas of her life,

and another who chose to embrace a while-I´m-at-it, bring-it-ON transformation.

illustration that reads: Which story calls out to you?
illustration that reads: Go big
photo of a lovely 55 year old woman with browh hair, smiling, wearing big glasses, wearing a black blouse with red and white polka dots against a black background




¨Honestly, I just sort of ENDED UP doing business copywriting. And after 13 years of writing a million words about SEO and ROI, I felt DOA.

Each assignment was a slog.

This cast a shadow over everything.

I stopped sketching.

I stopped taking my morning walks.

I even lost interest in puttering in my beloved garden. 

Maya came to my rescue. I knew right away that she would get me through this god-awful slump. She was fantastic at helping me get playful again! Her preschool-teacher energy and love made me laugh and have fun.

Maya helped me see that I had been squishing myself to fit into this serious-biz box. I needed a new niche that would allow me to stretch out and be my whole self.

Together, we found the perfect fit for me: community builders! In a few short weeks, I was happily working with clients who totally clicked with me and my quirkiness. It was SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN.

And did I mention money?

Maya pushed me to charge more. (It was, ahem, long overdue.) Lo and behold, I immediately started making much more than before, with new clients who have generously recommended me to others. 

I feel like a five year old looking at the world in awe. I have more energy, and get inspired by the smallest things. 

I LOVED working with Maya, and you will, too.

She can help you inject some serious sizzle into all your creative pursuits.

P.S. I am gung-ho about my garden again, and expect to be referred to as ´Queen PickleThis´ come August.¨

Suzi was longing to feel excited about her work.

She wanted to use her skills while being her zany, word-nerd self

And she was ready to focus on those who were aligned with her passion and personality.


In just ONE month, Suzi:  

*switched her story about what was possible 

*integrated a new narrative that led to her perfect niche

*created a red-hot strategy

*reached out to her dream clients

*booked 3 clients with one-year contracts


Within three months, she nearly tripled her income while having fun in her business and working with clients who were her personal heroes.

If you love imagining this type of transformation for yourself, and want to experience it just a few weeks from now, the Breakthrough Series is for you.

illustration that reads: Go bigger

Suzi is delighted with her results.

MOST women would be happy to slide out of a slump,

fall in love with their work, and get paid three times as much - all within three months!

But some clients choose to dive deeper and go bigger.

They fully invest themselves in their 30-Day Integration Phase,

and then continue their momentum and growth.

Because once their eyes are wide open, they can´t wait to 

make even bigger changes to create their most thrilling and fulfilling life.

photo of a beautiful Haitian Italian woman with brown curly hair, light brown skin, smiling, against a beige background


vocal coach

United Kingdom/Italy

¨After having panic attacks during my last two performances, I started teaching vocalists in my home six days a week. 

I enjoyed teaching, but my schedule was brutal. Having so many people singing in my space daily made me physically ill, and pushed my anxiety level to an all-time high.

My breakthrough with Maya made me see how I had let go of my dreams. It really surprised me. I had actually forgotten about moving to Italy because I had put it in my back pocket years ago. My hopes for love and money had been abandoned as well.

Straight away, Maya worked with me to overcome my fear of being on video. In one crazy week, I was able to shift all my students to online lessons. 

It was such a relief to have my flat to myself again! 

Next, Maya helped me to create a short online course. Teaching online prepared me for filming my course lessons, so it was quite doable. My daughter helped me with the tech.

I am not on social media, so Maya and I created a fun marketing plan using my student list.

I offered a prize of a night out with me to dinner and a concert to whomever got the most people to buy my course. They loved it, and the winner brought me 5 sales! I also reached out to my community of professional singers, who were supportive.

In all, I had 44 sales of my US$200 course, which was an incredible boost after only a month!

Then, several vocalists from around Europe inquired about virtual private vocal coaching. At that point, Maya walked me through creating a VIP offer, charging more than my rent per client per month. This was a huge stretch for me, complete with impostor issues. I had resistance, and a couple of meltdowns, but Maya got me through it.  

I was amazed to get four clients within days of sending out my offer. (I now coach only VIP clients, 6-8 on average, with a waiting list.) 

Mind you, this all happened within 10 weeks.

Perfect timing, as my lease was up. I took a leap, sold everything I could, and started traveling. I was free to teach from anywhere! I stayed with one of my clients as a guest in Madrid for a month, a few weeks with another in Paris, and several weeks in Rome with yet another client. I loved it, and felt ready to move abroad permanently. 

Eighteen months later, I am beyond thrilled to live in Italy. I bought a charming house with a sea view and a lovely little garden with fig and orange trees. 

I teach online for two hours per day, 3-4 days per week. My mother spent weeks here helping me to get sorted, and fell in love with it. We just bought a small place for her nearby.

My daughter, who works remotely, comes for long visits. She put all three of us onto the dating apps, which has been great fun!

I am seeing someone special now, an Italian man who lived in London for years. It is new and wonderful, another long-buried dream that is now coming to life. 

I recently performed in a small venue in my city with no issues. My anxiety is under control without meds.

Before working with Maya, I never could have imagined this whirlwind of changes in my life. She has been so helpful and encouraging, not just in that first month, but as an ongoing source of support. I would have stopped multiple times without her cheering me on! I am enormously grateful for her inspired and insightful coaching.¨

Sonya was ready for a profound transformation.

She was ready and willing to:

*do her highest level of work

*learn new skills (teaching online and creating a course)

*elevate her mindset to attract clients willing and able to pay more

*let go of her fear of making mistakes in order to create a whole new life in Italy


The scale of your breakthrough and transformation will depend on your own personal goals and your decision about how far you want to take yourself on your journey. 

But know this:

you are capable of as much as you believe you are,

so we work on THAT.

illustration that reads: Is this you?

Okay, so maybe you´re not dreaming of living in Italy.

But you might relate to feeling stuck.

Maybe, like Sonya and Suzi, you´re tired of struggling and feeling exhausted. 


Or, you might feel like you´re doing just fine. You´re grateful.


But a part of you is calling out for something truly special. 

And it´s battling with that other part that says

it´s too hard,

it won´t work, and

at your age,

you should just be happy with things the way they are.

REMINDER: you don´t have to have a miserable life in order to want to improve it.


As humans, it´s our nature to seek and maintain comfort.

We are wired to dig in for security!

Anything beyond that can feel difficult, unnecessary, or even egotistical. 


Listen, it is perfectly okay to choose to live your current life indefinitely.

You are enough!

So, if you feel deeply fulfilled, then Brava! 

You can simply take advantage of my (free) creativity strategies 

to enhance your wonderful life.



if you keep feeling that longing for more, and 

if your fear of missing your opportunity and regretting it is

stronger than your fear of change,

it´s time for a switch that makes you feel

illustration that reads: absolutely giddy about your life
illustration that reads: It is far more rewarding to work toward creating your dream than it is to watch in comfort as it slips away.

There can be so much more ahead for you.

And let me say this: if you have spent DECADES putting others (your partner, children, parents, employees, community)


this is YOUR time

What will you do with it? 

I´d love to help you find out.

photo of Maya Frost smiling, chin resiting on her hand, head tilted, friendly, wearing a teal t-shirt in front of an abstract painting in teal and lavender
illustration that reads: Still here?

I appreciate your curiosity! 

My work is inspired by my personal story. 

It starts out sad, but then there´s a big switch and a happy ending.