Creative Breakthrough Coaching

Welcome, Women Over 50! 

If you´re on the SWEET side of menopause, your brain is FIRED UP for greater creativity.

You can reach your HIGHEST levels of intuition + innovation, and

create a BRAND NEW FUTURE for yourself.


I have helped women over 50 in 18 countries  

*release their limiting stories,

*achieve life-changing breakthroughs, and

*pursue exciting possibilities that delight and elevate them 

in just 30 days.

photo of Maya Frost, trauma-infomred breakthrough transformational coach, wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt against a wall mural in purple and blue

Hey there!  I´m Maya Frost. 

I help creative women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond rise to their loftiest levels of imagination and fulfillment.

I created my surprisingly quick and effective technique while doing pro bono work with women over 50 around the world who were struggling during the pandemic. 

It works. It´s fast. And it lasts.

My goal is to help you use your bodacious creative powers to give you a profound sense of connection and joy doing whatever you choose to pursue. 

Now, I am not a typical coach. I don´t offer general life coaching. 

I do breakthrough coaching ONLY. 

As women over 50, we have a different appreciation for the years ahead.


And because I know it´s possible to facilitate your creative breakthrough in 30 days, I won´t turn it into a six-month coaching package that takes longer than necessary to get you started on your fulfilling new future.

We begin with your hour-long Breakthrough Session, and then immerse in your illuminating Integration Phase: 30 days of daily action with coaching support and accountability.


You see, we know that momentum matters.

In fact, it´s the key ingredient to getting your new story (and all its glorious potential) to stick.

If you´ve read James Clear´s book, Atomic Habits, you know that consistent daily action is essential if you want to change any habit - and that includes habitual thoughts that block you from making progress toward your goals.

By re-shaping your thoughts, fine-tuning your vision, and focusing on your daily progress, you move forward immediately and consistently

Just ONE motivating month of accelerated daily action can create huge shifts.

Does the word breakthrough scare you? 

How about transformation? Or trauma?

I know these terms can sound intimidating.

But there´s no need to worry.


For our purposes, a breakthrough is a shift in perspective

A transformation is a meaningful and lasting change in your thoughts, choices, and actions.

88% of my clients say they felt enlightened and excited after their Breakthrough Session. (The other 12%? relieved and ready.) 

See? Not so scary. But it is powerful. Want to know more?

illustration that reads: We all have limiting stories.

A limiting story is simply something you say to yourself that makes you limit your choices. 

Whether you call it a story (it´s fiction) or a belief (you really do believe it), it keeps you from being, doing, understanding, or creating what you want.

Most of us struggle with at least one if not several of these. 

For us, it´s partly due to the conditioning we grew up with in the ´60s and ´70s


As women, we were served a heaping plate of extra expectations with a side of assumptions.

Add on your own personal experiences and the umbrellas you stand under (cultural, religious, or social) and you can have a whole book of these limiting beliefs.


Fear of change. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Imposter syndrome. Scarcity mindset. 

The list goes on and on.


And as women over 50, we tend to have our own subset of stay-small stories:


But once you free yourself from your bullying beliefs,

you take control of your choices in ALL aspects of your life.

Your creativity.

Your relationships.

Your health.

Your wealth.



After all, life is just one big creative problem-solving adventure after another!

So, it makes sense that taking control of your choices will impact you in multiple ways.

As a minimalist, I keep things simple.

So, I offer only ONE 1:1 coaching option. 


It´s my Breakthrough Series, and it works for women in a wide range of situations. 

Whether you´re in a funk,

curious about what´s possible,

or facing a major life transition,

I can help you see what´s holding you back, design an empowering new story for yourself, create a strategic plan,

and become a more aligned, fulfilled, and content version of yourself.

Every breakthrough experience is unique. 

Each client has her own blend of dreams and stories, goals and challenges.

But even the breakthroughs that may appear to be somewhat small in scale can create profound transformations that lead to tremendous shifts and astounding heights.

illustration that reads: Story time!

The best way to help you imagine what a breakthrough might do for you is through stories.

So, I´m sharing stories from clients that offer:

*a that-sounds-like-me connection with the process, and 

*blooming possibilities that spark your own ideas

ALL of the creative breakthroughs are bold and life-changing. 

But some clients choose to focus on just one or two areas of their lives,

while others embrace a while-I´m-at-it, bring-it-ON transformation.

Take a look at these two client breakthroughs. 




¨Honestly, I just sort of ENDED UP doing business copywriting. And after 13 years of writing a million words about SEO and ROI, I felt DOA. Each assignment was a slog. This cast a shadow over everything. I stopped sketching. I stopped taking my evening walks. I even lost interest in caring for my beloved garden. 

Maya came to my rescue. I knew right away that she would get me through this god-awful slump. She was fantastic at helping me get playful again! Her preschool-teacher energy and love made me relax and have fun.

Maya helped me see that I had been squishing myself to fit into this serious-biz box. I needed a new niche that would allow me to stretch out and be my whole self.

Together, we found the perfect fit for me: community builders! In a few short weeks, I was happily working with clients who totally clicked with me and my quirkiness. It was SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN.

And did I mention money? Maya pushed me to charge more. (It was, ahem, long overdue.) Lo and behold, I immediately started making much more than before with new clients who have generously recommended me to others. 

I feel like a five year old looking at the world in awe. I have more energy, and get inspired by the smallest things. 

I LOVED working with Maya, and you will, too. She can help you inject some serious sizzle into all your creative pursuits.¨

Suzi was longing to feel excited about her work.

She wanted to use her skills while showing her zany, word-nerd self

So, she chose to help those who were aligned with her passion.


In just one month, Suzi:  

*switched her story about what was possible 

*integrated a new narrative that led to her perfect niche

*created a strategy and reached out to new dream clients


Within three months, she more than doubled her income while having fun in her business and working with clients who were her personal heroes.

If you love imagining this type of transformation for yourself, and want to experience it just a few weeks from now, the Breakthrough Series is for you.

Suzi is very happy with her results.

Most women would be delighted to slide out of a slump and fall in love their work while getting paid twice as much - all within three months!

But some clients choose to dive deeper and go bigger.

They invest themselves in their 30-Day Integration Phase, and then choose to continue their momentum.

Because once their eyes are open to their new opportunities, they can´t wait to make big changes to create their most thrilling dream life.


vocal coach

United Kingdom/Italy

¨After having panic attacks the last two times I performed, I started teaching vocalists in my home six days a week. I enjoyed teaching, but my schedule was brutal. Having so many people singing in my space daily made me physically ill, and pushed my anxiety to an all-time high.

My breakthrough with Maya made me see how I had let go of my dreams. It really surprised me. I had actually forgotten about moving to Italy because I had put it in my back pocket years ago. My hopes for love and money had been abandoned as well.

Straight away, Maya worked with me to overcome my fear of being on video. In one crazy week, I was able to shift all my students to online lessons. It was such a relief to have my flat to myself again! 

Next, Maya helped me to create a short online course. Teaching online prepared me for filming my lessons, so it was quite doable with my daughter helping me with the tech.

I am not on social media, so Maya and I created a fun marketing plan using my student list. I offered a prize of a night out with me to dinner and a concert to whomever got the most people to buy my course. They loved it, and the winner brought me 5 sales! I also reached out to my community of professional singers, who were supportive.

In all, I had 44 sales of my US$200 course, which was an incredible boost after only a month!

Then, several vocalists from around Europe inquired about virtual private vocal coaching. At that point, Maya walked me through creating a VIP offer, charging more than my rent per client per month. This was a huge stretch for me, complete with imposter issues, but she got me through it.  I was amazed to get four clients within days of sending out my offer. (I now coach only VIP clients, 6-8 on average, with a waiting list.) 

Mind you, this all happened within 10 weeks.

Perfect timing, as my lease was up. I took a leap, sold everything I could, and started traveling. I was free to teach from anywhere. I stayed with one of my clients as a guest in Madrid for a month, a few weeks with another in Paris, and several weeks in Rome with yet another client. I loved it, and felt ready to move abroad permanently. 

Eighteen months later, I am beyond thrilled to live in Italy. I bought a charming house with a sea view and a lovely little garden with fig and orange trees. I teach online for two hours per day, 3-4 days per week. My mother spent weeks here helping me to get sorted, and fell in love with it. We just bought a small place for her nearby.

My daughter, who works remotely, comes for long visits. She put all three of us onto the dating apps, which has been great fun! I am seeing someone special now, an Italian man who lived in London for years. It is new and wonderful, another abandoned dream that is now coming to life. 

I recently performed in a small venue in my city with no issues. My anxiety is under control without meds.

Before working with Maya, I never could have imagined this whirlwind of changes in my life. She has been so helpful and encouraging, not just in that first month, but as an ongoing source of support. I would have stopped multiple times without her cheering me on! I am enormously grateful for her inspired and insightful coaching.¨

Sonya was ready for a profound transformation.

She wanted to do her highest level of work.

She had to learn new skills (teaching online and creating a course.)

She had to elevate her mindset to attract different clients willing and able to pay much more.

And Sonya had to open and stretch herself in order to create a whole new life in a new country.


The scale of your breakthrough and transformation will depend on your own personal goals and your decision about how far you want to take yourself on your journey. 

But know this: you are capable of as much as you believe you are, so we work on THAT.

So maybe you´re not dreaming of living in Italy.

But you might relate to feeling stuck.

Maybe you´re tired of struggling and feeling exhausted. (Same as Sonya and Suzi.)


Or maybe you feel like you´re doing fine. You´re grateful and all.


But a part of you is calling out for something truly special. 

And it´s battling with that other part that says

it´s too hard,

it won´t work, and

at your age,

you should just be happy with things the way they are.

REMINDER: you don´t have to have a miserable life in order to want to improve it.


As humans, it´s our nature to seek and maintain comfort.

We are wired to dig in for safety!

Anything beyond that can feel difficult, unnecessary, and even egotistical. 


Listen, it is perfectly okay to choose to live your current life indefinitely.

You are enough.

So, if you feel deeply fulfilled, then Brava! 

You can simply take advantage of my (free) creativity strategies to enhance your lovely life.



if you keep feeling that longing for more, and 

if your fear of missing your opportunity and regretting it is

stronger than your fear of change,

it´s time for a switch that makes you feel

illustration that reads: absolutely giddy about your life

I developed my quick & quirky technique while doing pro bono work with women over 50 around the world who were struggling during the pandemic.

First, I reached out to my non-profit contacts to offer my help to those they serve.

Then, I got some press. Suddenly, I was FLOODED with requests.

Faced with their urgent needs and their many limiting beliefsI chose to only work with women over 50 who were the sole breadwinners in their extended families. 

My approach was simple and fast by necessity.

ALL of these women were supporting various combinations of their children, parents, siblings, and others.

ALL had lost their jobs or were forced to close a business.

MOST had also lost a partner or parent to COVID or another illness.

They were grieving, exhausted, facing financial ruin, and resistant to trying something new. 

So, I threw everything I knew into a process that could quickly help them support their loved ones.

It was the middle of the pandemic. Everyone was home and online. It was the perfect time for online courses! (Read about my own first course - back in 2003 - here.)

We started with a Breakthrough Session to help them re-write their limiting stories, followed by 30 days of daily coaching support and accountability. I guided them through any lingering self-doubt, worked with them to fine-tune and integrate their new narrative, and taught them how to build, launch, and market their first simple digital course. 

illustration that reads: RESULTS: 100% of the 88 women created a successful project that produced a sustainable income within three months.

You see, they changed their lives in ways they could not have imagined just weeks earlier, with exponential growth in multiple areas.

They had changed, and that changed everything.

I had no idea that this turbo-charged technique would be so profoundly pivotal and consistently effective

I was just doing my best to help these women put food on the table for their families!

For two years, I charged nothing. 

Next, I started testing this technique with clients who were facing other types of challenges.  

And it worked.

Every single time.

illustrataion with the rods What to Expect

If we decide to become thought partners and work together to co-create your new future, you can expect:


🚀 A Swift and Enlightening Breakthrough 

  • FIRST: let go of the idea that this has to take a long time.


✨ A Holistic and Sustainable Solution

  • Quick is good, but lasting is better. 


🫖 Warmth, Humor, and a Tell-It-Like-It-Is Approach

  • The best transformations are both deep and light


🌟 Revealing the Root to Rewrite the Narrative

  • Seeing the root of your beliefs is a relief that opens up a sense of joy


😌 Creating a renewed Mind-Body Connection 

  • Your limiting beliefs live in your body as well as your mind. 


🤓 Becoming Your Own Expert

  • Master this Breakthrough technique to help yourself and others.


🗝️ Unlocking Your New Empowered Identity

  • Get no-nonsense nudges to help you make your new story a lasting habit in your daily life. 


🧭 Exploring Your Exciting New Possibilities 

  • Leverage your confidence to pursue your new opportunities. 


illustration depicting the progresion of three steps in the Breakthrough Series, including the Breakthrough Session, Integration Phase, and Expanded Possibilities, listing the beneifts of each (Clarity and Commitment in the Breakthrough Session, Success a

Here are a few testimonials from my pro bono Switch clients.

These women turned things around in a short period of time while facing extreme circumstances.

Which one of their limiting beliefs (in red) feels most familiar to you?

photo of a lovely woman, age 52, with stylish red hair, smiling, turned to the side


salon owner/instructor 


¨I was desperate when my salon was forced to close during COVID. I am a single mother with two children, and also care for my father. I felt unable to do anything new. I was not a good student and could not see myself as a teacher. Maya inspired me to imagine an exciting story for myself. I created a hair design course to help other salon owners. These days, my old competitors are my best friends, and I have two incomes. Being an instructor made me confident. This is very new for me. My children are so proud! Every day, I appreciate this new life.¨

photo of a lovely woman, age 63, with wavy black hair with two gray streaks, smiling, brown, skin, red blouse, in front of a brick wall



United Kingdom

¨When the pandemic hit, I crashed. I had ideas for new projects, but no confidence to approach potential clients. I lost the sense of my value. I believed my work was no longer desirable.

Maya got me going again. Creating my course reminded me of my gifts. The quick income was an enormous relief, as I support my family of three. Helping artists inspired me. But the biggest change was that decision makers started to approach meThey heard about my course and were intrigued by my work. I am now offered projects that I never would have attempted to apply for before. I am forever grateful to Maya.¨ 

photo of a lovely Indian woman, age 52, with black hair, red mark on her forehead and part, white blouse, smiling, blue and white house in the background


novelist/writing coach 


"After my husband died, I needed to support my three children. I was sick with worry. I knew it would take a year to write another book. As a first-time author, I did not believe I was good enough yet to teach others. Maya helped me to release that story. Once I saw myself as a passionate writer who helps others (rather than a newbie author), I became unstoppable! Maya virtually held my hand as I created my first course and coaching membership. These gave me a steady income within ten weeks. These days, I love coaching even more than writing!¨


graphic designer/instructor

United States


¨During Covid, my parents moved in with me, and then my two daughters came home from college. I was supporting everyone, but lost my job due to closures. I had no savings, thanks to recent medical bills and college tuition. I was so stressed that I broke out in hives. I could not see any solutions. I did not believe I could make any money with my graphic art unless I had a full-time job doing it.  

Enter Maya. When I showed her the designs I made, she suggested I create an online course. This course brought me devoted students, a lovely community, and a growing savings account! 

This led to design contracts with several companies. I feel creative every day. I work from home, where I can help my parents. I am so happy to support my family doing what I love!¨

photo of a lovely woman, age 53, with very short black hair, brown skin, purple earrings, nice smile


event planner/instructor


¨All events were cancelled. I was very depressed. My husband left only months before. At first, I could not get out of bed. I thought it was impossible for me to support everyone in my family. Maya showed me I could be a teacher, not just a planner. I noticed a big difference in my thinking. With my course, I felt proud and excited to help other planners. Now, I am planning events again, but my clients pay more. I can work less and spend time with my family. I have so much energy! I love my work now more than before.¨

photo of a lovely woman, age 72, smiling with mouth closed, blue eyes, long white hair, red jacket




"When my daughter and grandson came to live with me, I worried about how to pay for everything. I was used to spending so little. Maya taught me to see how my idea about being a struggling artist destined to be poor forever was limiting me. It was a delight to create a new story! I am convinced it helped me to become successful with my art course. It gave me many new artist friends of all ages. Thanks to Maya, at 72, I have financial security for the first time in my life."

photo of a lovely woman, dark curly hair with gray streak, brown skin, smiling, age 55, wearing a red top against a white brick wall


custodial grandparenting coach

South Africa

¨My daughter died of cancer, and I began raising my two granddaughters, then ages 2 and 4. I was still grieving the loss of my husband the year before, and had a demanding job as a social program director. My heart was broken. I felt angry, guilty, and exhausted. I did not believe I could give my granddaughters the loving and stable home they needed.

Maya showed me my strength and my heart´s best work. She guided me to see my expertise. I had worked with many clients who were raising their grandchildren. Now, I can understand their challenges deeply. 

With Maya´s loving care, I created my first course for custodial grandparents. It was a healing process that gave me an income and a supportive online community. Six months later, my new business was growing, and I retired early. Now I am home with the girls full-time. This has been incredible for all of us.¨

illustration that reads: Now it´s your turn

All of these women (and many others) released their old beliefs and created fulfilling new lives for themselves.

They chose to switch their stories in order to create a life they love.

And at 50+ years of age, after DECADES of putting everyone else first, they finally chose to focus on THEIR fulfillment.

In the process, they improved the lives of their families, uplifted their communities, and created an exciting new future for themselves.

What will you do once you switch your story? 

illustration that reads: I can´t wait to help you find out.
photo of Maya Frost smiling, chin resiting on her hand, head tilted, friendly, wearing a teal t-shirt in front of an abstract painting in teal and lavender
illustration that reads: Still here?

I appreciate your curiosity! 

My work is inspired by my personal story. 

It starts out sad, but then there´s a big switch and a happy ending.