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I´m Maya Frost.

I have worn many hats over the years.

The common threads: 

education, awareness, art, play, and helping others leverage their knowledge and creativity.

Mindfulness trainer to business mentor. Preschool teacher to international artist. 

Small-town girl to global education author.

These days, I am serving up education, advocacy, and love for women over 50 in my role as the founder of Dame Good Digital. 

I have helped women over 50 in 18 countries create and launch their first digital course.


illustration: Welcome women over 50!

You´ve got wisdom.

Let´s turn it into a visionary digital course.


Our voices are sorely needed in this world.  

Because when we share our perspectives and stories, we inspire others to use their time and talents more wisely and intentionally. 

Sharing your unique visionary spin on a topic you love with people you love to help can transform lives, including yours.

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illustration that reads: Good News: Creating your course can be simple, fun, and affordable.

The reason you may think it´s difficult and expensive? 

You may be following course creation coaches who are building 7 or 8-figure empires.

They sell their courses for hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

This is all part of their strategy to build their empire. And it works!

But it has nothing to do with the actual difficulty of creating a course. 


illustration that reads: TRUTH: Most of my students create their course in a week, spend less than $100, and truly enjoy the process.
photo of lovely Swiss woman, aged 58, with blond hair, smiling against textured white background

"My business was not doing well. I needed to find a way to help more clients. My first course doubled my income in the first two months! I now have three courses, and work just 10 days per month. My clients are happy, my work is fulfilling, and I have time to enjoy being a new grandmother."

Gisele - career coach (Switzerland)

photo of lovely German woman, age 52, with vibrant red hair, smiling, head to side, blurred outdoor background

"When my salon was closed during COVID, I needed a way to make money. Maya helped me create my course on hair design. It gave me a chance to teach other salon owners instead of working directly with clients. Now I have two incomes, and my former competitors are my best friends! Life is good.¨

Famke - hair salon owner (Germany)

So, what makes this process so simple, fast, and fun?

Designing your course concept FIRST.


illustration that reads: Here´s why

Think of your course as a fun creative project

Whew! Doesn´t that feel lighter already? This shift allows you to be more relaxed and imaginative.

And the first step in any creative project: consider design.


illustration that reads: What is a course concept?

A course concept is a collection of essential elements that ensures that your offering is

coherent, cohesive, and compelling


You need each element to be:

*clearly stated  

*in alignment with the whole

*powerfully positioned to maximize your impact


Your course concept is like a custom cheatsheet for your course creation process.

Once you have a solid concept, creating your course is like following your favorite recipe!

The ultimate goal: 

design a concept that ensures that your course will

 do well for you while you do good for others.


Seems simple, right?

But so many first-time course creators get stuck in the weeds early on.

One thing that became clear in my work with women around the world: 

the hardest part about creating a course is getting clear before you build.  

photo illustration of Maya Frost with a blue background and the words: Vague to VISIONARY: Design Your Dazzling Digital Course Concept

So, I made A course just for you!

Vague to VISIONARY is a peppy pre-course primer that helps you make sure your course will be distinctive and destined for success by design.

In this video course, you´ll get my proven strategy and 6 remarkable student success stories (plus my own) that will get your imagination sparking.

Instruction + Inspiration + Fun

Give yourself this gift that will provide you with a whole new vision of what is possible for you.

It´s the perfect way to kick off the new year!



photo of lovely Korean woman, age 56, smiling, with black hair, wearing a white blouse, against blurred outdoor backgroun

¨I decided what I wanted to teach and started to build my course. Then Maya showed me how to design my concept. I learned so many ways to improve everything! I recommended Maya to my best friend and cousin. Now all three of us have successful courses.¨

Jae - home organizer (South Korea)

photo of lovely black woman, age 58, with curly dark hair, brown skin, wearing a yellow blouse in an outdoor setting

¨My course was almost finished. Thank goodness I found Maya! She understood my vision and made my life much easier. Designing a clear course concept allowed me to help literally 100 times more students. I would have completely missed this opportunity!¨

Grace - college financial aid counselor (USA)

illustration that reads: Is this you?

Educator. Caregiver. Coach. Artist.  Therapist. Social worker. Non-profit leader. Community builder. Small-business owner. Passionate volunteer. 

I love helping helpers

Women who inspire, educate, support and fight for others.

I see you. You´re my people!

So, I know that your first inclination is to put others before yourself.

And I am on a mission to make sure you feel appreciated, elevated, and supported.

(Or, as I like to say, vibrant, visible, and valued.)

photo of lovely Indian woman, age 56, with black hair, smiling, wearing a white blouse, in front of blurred blue and white house.

"After my divorce, I needed to make money to support my three children. I was so stressed out! Maya helped me shift my mindset and virtually held my hand as I created my first course and then two more. These gave me a steady income within about three months."

Parvati - novelist and writing coach (India)

photo of lovely biracial woman, age 53, with brown curly hair, brown skin, smiling, wearing a black turtleneck sweater

"Designing my course concept first was a critical part of my success. Thanks to Maya, I have created a course that allows me to connect easily with not only students but other artists, plus gallerists, community decision makers and donors. It feels incredible to be so fully supported in my work."

Zahra - muralist (UK)

illustration that reades: How it started

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I lost my latest creative strategist role.

So, I decided to reach out to help other women over 50 who were in a tricky transition. 

I started a project called Switch Strategies for Change.

Thanks to my contacts and some quick publicity, I started hearing from women all over the world. 

Some pandemic-era press:

Most of these women were facing job loss due to business closures. 

Many were single mothers or grandmothers caring for their grandchildren.

They had mouths to feed and bills to pay. Most wanted to start a business ASAP.

But it was a hard time to start physical businesses due to restrictions.

illustration: Epiphany:

Everyone was at home and online.

It was the perfect time to launch a digital course!


I thought I had the perfect solution to their problems.

My problem: They did not agree. 😐

You see, these women had not come to me for help creating a course.

They wanted to create a business!

A course seemed like a detour.

But I knew it could get money coming in relatively quickly if we kept things simple.

So, I nudged.  

Once a few women got started successfully, others wanted to try, too.

Eventually, I helped every single client create and sell her first digital course.

 It was thrilling for all of us!

So, I created Dame Good Digital in order to help more women over 50 do just that

Kind words from lovely clients:

photo of a lovely woman, age 56, with curly brown hair, brown eyes, smiling against gray background

"My course has given me so many opportunities, but best of all is the chance to spend time with my family while earning more money than ever. Plus, I now have students around the world, which is thrilling! Maya was exactly the right teacher for me."

Sonya - voice coach (UK)

photo of lovely woman, Slovenian, with short spiky gray hair, blue eyes, smiling, against green wall background

"Maya helped me to create a course that feels like ME. Choosing to work with her has been one of the smartest decisions of my career. I appreciate her strategy, her humor, and her big heart."

Mila - relationship coach (Slovenia)


photo of lovely woman, Belgian, with curly blond hair, wearing glasses, smiling, brown blouse, against trees in background

"I really enjoyed making my course. Maya guided me to choose my best options, and I was excited to start selling my course quickly. I highly recommend working with her if you want your course to actually make money."

Elise - web designer (Belgium)

photo of lovely woman, age 53, Brazilian, with short dark brown curly hair, wide smile, wearing purple earrings, against green trees in the background

"I had to make a change in my business due to the pandemic. With Maya's help, I created two courses for other event planners. I have my time and energy again, and more money. It is a gift for my family."

Fernanda - event planner (Brazil)

illustration that reads: Did I mention fun?

You need to have fun with your course creation process.

Fun is fuel. It feeds your enthusiasm, which is what will attract your people and move you forward.


But you almost never hear the word ¨fun¨ attached to creating a digital course


Because the focus tends to be on making money.

I mean, sure, that´s a big part of it.

But course creation is often viewed as a sort of necessary evil. 

As in, it´s not going to be enjoyable or easy (it´s so hard that you have to pay a lot of money to learn how, they say) but you have to do the hard work in order to earn the rewards.

Well, that´s one way to look at it.


Here´s another way:

When you view a course as a way to joyfully create something to help others,

everything shifts

You are offering something wonderfully creative.

You are designing something imaginative and purposeful.

You are infusing your creative project with meaning.

You are filled with optimism.



Because when you focus on serving generously, people are attracted by your authenticity and your softnessYou and your offering resonate with them.


I want to make sure you have access to this mindset shift that changes everything.

So, I made a FREE download to show you exactly how it works.

It´s called The Soft Serve.

photo of a lovely Mexican woman, age 54, with graying dark hair, smiling, wearing a pink blouse and pink jewelry against a gray background

¨I was spending all my time on my phone using social media to grow my business. Maya encouraged me to create a course and get free publicity with local media. This was much easier and it gave me more paying clients than Facebook and Instagram combined!¨

Marcela - freelance stylist (Mexico)


photo of a lovely woman, age 61, with wavy gray hair, smiling, against a gray background

¨Working with Maya was amazing! She really helped me see the possibilities when I was limiting myself and worrying about money. Though I had my doubts early on, creating my course and community is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me in years

Ruth - landscape designer (USA)

illustration that reads: A digital course isn´t just content. It is a creative offering that has the power to be a tremendous force for good and a legacy that leaves an incalculable impact.

photo of a lovely woman, age 50, Arab British, with long dark hair, brown eyes, smiling, wearing a white blouse, white background

"Maya helped me launch my first course. Now I have three! I was able to increase my business dramatically and spend more time with my two sons. I sent my two sisters to Maya and now they have courses, too. Our whole family benefits from what she taught us."

Meena - parenting coach (UK)

photo of lovely woman, age 58, Japanese Canadian, wit hshort dark hair, smiling, wearing an orange blouse against a white background

"Creating my course changed everything for my business. I have three times more leads and my revenue is up by over 500%. I can relax knowing my system works, and focus on helping my clients. My only regret is that I didn't meet Maya sooner!"

Hana - HR consultant (Canada)

illustation that reads: Back in the day

I launched my first online course in 2003.

Twenty years ago.

photo of Apple founder Steve Jobs standing on a stage with a demonstration about burning CDS enttiled Rip, Mix, Burn, 2003.

Google was five years old.

Facebook wouldn't go live for another year.

YouTube and Twitter were still three years away.

I had ZERO tech backgroundNO training in marketing or publicity. And a topic that was barely searched for on Google.

But I had an idea that I just couldn't shake.

You see, when I was 15, I was in a devastating accident. 

As I struggled to cope, someone reached out and taught me how to meditate.

But meditation was hard for me. 

So, I figured out a way to play with being present while doing regular things throughout the day.

My mindfulness game was simple, fun, and effective.

It made me feel calm, clear, and creative. 

I got good at it. And I felt better.

photo of four lovely sisters, ages 13 to 17, smiling in a sepia-toned image, textured curtain background

Years passed.  

In 2003, my four daughters were in middle and high school.  

That brought back memories of my own experiences at their age, including the aftermath of the accident. I doubled down on my mindfulness practice.


I noticed an increase in the number of articles and news reports about stress.

And I thought my little mindfulness game might help people.


So, with very basic skills and tools, I created my first online course. 

I didn't have high hopes, but figured if it helped even one person, it was worth the effort.


Three months later, something remarkable happened.

Meditation made the cover of TIME magazine.

Mindfulness was mentioned. Overnight, it became a buzzword.


Through my simple email course and weekly newsletter, I was able to teach thousands of people in over 100 countries how to get calm, clear, and creative. My playful, eyes-wide-open approach to everyday mindfulness was featured in over 150 media outlets worldwide.

illustration of press logos for magazines, including Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Men´s Health, Marie Claire, Glamour, Ladies Home Journal, More, Wired, Penthouse, Parents,
illustration rading: That powerful combination of: intuitive timing, simple strategy & quick publicity can be duplicated. (I use it with my clients.)

Many of my students have used their course to start or build their business.

Others turned a hobby into a whole new life.

photo of lovely woman,  age 53, with white and gray long hair, smiling with mouth closed, against blue wall.

"Just as I was moving to a new country, I was suddenly struggling with an autoimmune disease. Creating my course was the best decision for my health and my business. Maya offered heartfelt advice that shifted things for me. My course was a gift that allowed me to earn while I was healing.¨

Laura - somatic therapist (Costa Rica)

photo of a lovely woman, age 56, Irish British, with red hair, smiling, wearing a green turtleneck sweater against a gray background

¨I am a single mom who wanted to build more resilient communities. My initial idea was far too broad, and I needed a way to reach my best audience. Maya helped me to make key changes that sharpened my vision and gave my course clear goals and a straightforward strategy. This led to success and a completely new career!¨ 

Fiona - community advocate (UK)

illustration that reads: I have a heart-centered approach.

1. Love is everything.

I  am on a mission to help you create your dream life.

What that looks like: deep connection, focused listening, and staying open to what will work best for you

I love helping you discover creative tweaks of your best ideas so you can create something extraordinary.  


2. Respect matters.

I don't use false scarcity or urgency. 

Sure, if I said "Grab this deal now before it disappears forever at midnight!" I might get more sales. But I choose to avoid manipulation and distortion.

I focus on resonance. I trust you to make the decisions that are right for you

3. Fun is essential.

It is the key to being magnetic.

Choosing your course topic based solely on what's trending or marketable is a big mistake.

You must pick the people you love to help and then select a solution that excites you. 

Because it's your enthusiasm that will give you momentum and attract your people.

photo of lovely woman, Mexican American, with short dark hair and brown eyes, smiling, wearing a  brown barn jacket and denim shirt, wood barn wall in the background

"I am a hands-on type of person who has always worked face to face, so I was not keen on the idea of creating a digital course. But Maya changed my mind completely. My course amplified my impact in a way I never expected.I have more clients and more free time."

Lucinda - agricultural consultant (USA)

photo of lovely woman, age 62, French, with white shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, smiling with mouth closed, wearing a red jacket over a white sweater, orange sunset over purple meadow in the background

"Maya and I connected through painting. It was a delight to work with her. She was helpful as I went through the steps to create my course. Thanks to her, I have financial security for the first time in my life. I am amazed!"

Juliette - painter and poet (France)

illustration with the words: Now it´s your turn.

If you´ve been focusing on others for, well, a long time...

it´s time to do something for YOU.

A digital course can be a powerful path to creating the life of your dreams.

Yes, you can continue to help others. In fact, your positive impact can grow exponentially.

But in the process, you can give yourself the gift of greater ease.

Less worry about money.

More time to do more of what you love, with the people you love.

Wherever you want to be. On your schedule. 

illustration featuring a photo of Maya Frost against a blue background with text in white that reads: Vague to VISIONARY: Design Your Dazzling Digital Course Concept


photo of a lovely woman, age 55, with short blond hair and hazel eyes, wearing a green blouse against a gray background

¨After I was laid off, I knew it was time for me to start something of my own. Maya gave me hope and was a cheerful catalyst for getting my course launched. Within six months, I had a completely different life. I am thankful daily.¨

Helena - green home designer (Finland)

photo of lovely woman, age 64, with brown skin and gray hair, smiling, wearing a blue blouse.

"When my daughter died, I began raising my two granddaughters. Thanks to Maya, I started three courses for other custodial grandparents. I made enough to retire early and stay home with the girls. This has been incredible."

Sharon - former social worker (South Africa)

photo illustration two soft serve ice cream cones against a blue background with text in white that reads: The Soft Serve: The Simple But Profound Mindset Shift That Changes EVERYTHING t

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