What Happens During A Breakthrough Session? 

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Wondering what you can expect in a breakthrough coaching session?


I can´t speak for other breakthrough transformational coaches, but I´m happy to share the process I use and help you understand what to expect in the Breakthrough Session I offer.


The word ¨breakthrough¨ can be intimidating for potential clients. It conjures an image of something big and dramatic, and for some, it is frightening to think about a major revelation or physical response.


Okay, there are bodywork breakthrough practitioners who offer cathartic practices that cause emotional releases. These are often intense physical techniques such as stomping, screaming, deep-tissue manipulation, and other activities that can override the nervous system to intentionally push the body into a ¨risk¨ zone.


But this is definitely NOT what I do, or what breakthrough coaches offer. In my Breakthrough Sessions, I use a brief mindfulness combination to relax you rather than intense cathartic practices that are used to release emotions rooted in trauma. Yes, we will discuss uncomfortable memories, and if you´re willing, spend a moment for you to feel your emotions to open greater clarity. But our focus is on discovering the connections rather than releasing emotions physically.


In addition, the term¨trauma-informed coach¨ can paint a picture of a session in which you feel distressed rather than uplifted. But the fact that I have training in how to handle coaching sessions that address trauma does not mean we will spend the whole hour talking about the most difficult experiences of your life. Our purpose in including trauma is to put it on the table as one of the possible experiences that could have sparked a limiting belief that you created and repeated over the years. Looking at possible trauma is just ONE of the tools we use.


This is why the complimentary 15-minute Clarity Call is important.  Before we schedule a Breakthrough Session, we take this time to talk about any concerns you have. I will answer your questions about how the session might feel and what might emerge in the process. Mostly, I offer assurance that our time together will feel safe, reflective, and surprisingly light, even if there are deep discoveries.


In fact, the best Breakthrough Sessions are both deep and light. Rather than distressing, these sessions tend to lead to a sense of relief and excitement about the future. Even in the case of limiting beliefs rooted in trauma, we balance the heaviness of the source with the lightness we are creating around it.


What exactly is a breakthrough?


Think of a breakthrough as a shift in perspective. Some Breakthrough Sessions lead to surprising revelations. Others lead to a deep recognition that what you always suspected to be the root of your limiting belief truly is what started it all. Both have very ¨A-ha!¨ vibes, because either way, once you know what you´re looking at, the tables are turned. (Now you are the one pounding on the table!)


In all cases, a Breakthrough Session with me offers:

*clarity about your limiting story

*deeper understanding of its impact on your habits, choices, and behavior

*a conscious and determined choice to release that stay-stuck story

*the creative and exciting process of re-imagining your new narrative


All of these steps combined constitute a breakthrough that takes you from one limiting way of viewing yourself and your options to another that opens up new prospects for being, growing, and creating in order to truly thrive.


Though most Breakthrough Sessions take about one hour, it is important to allow up to 90 minutes for our session. We want to make sure that you don´t feel rushed and that we have time to reach a natural resolution and create a plan for success.


What happens first in a Breakthrough Session?


All of my Breakthrough Sessions are conducted via Zoom or your preferred video app. The most important thing is to create a safe, relaxed space where you feel open to questions, secure in offering your most honest responses, and receptive to the memories and reflections that arise. To create this optimum space, we begin with a short mindfulness exercise that includes both breathwork and tapping to reduce any anxiety you might feel. These evidence-based techniques are especially effective when combined, and work well to put you at ease.


Is breakthrough coaching like therapy?


Breakthrough coaching is not therapy. While therapy can be extremely useful in helping us understand and come to terms with our past experiences, it is a long process that requires months or years of regular sessions with a trained therapist. 


In general, coaching is focused on increasing awareness, building skills, and reaching goals in order to enhance your present and future. Breakthrough coaching takes that a step further, as it can lead to big changes and rapid results, especially when the focus is specific. Some breakthrough coaches offer long sessions (four hours or longer) or a series of shorter sessions (two hours per day over three days, for example). Most breakthrough coaches choose to offer a series of weekly one-hour sessions over a period of months.


But in the Breakthrough Sessions I offer, your new awareness and story begin to take root on the very same DAY, and we follow up immediately in order to build momentum. There will be multiple rounds of coaching via email and/or messaging app, as well as two Laser Coaching calls, providing post-Breakthrough support for 30 days. This Integration Phase is a critical period during which you will intentionally bring your new empowering story into your life through a series of exercises.


This is not the norm for breakthrough coaching. It is a technique I created while doing pro bono  work with women around the world who were struggling during the pandemic. These women were the sole breadwinners for their extended families, and had lost their source of income. So, while our focus was not on personal coaching, it was clear that they had limiting beliefs that would stop them from even starting any new project or business, let alone becoming successful.


That´s how I ended up creating this super-fast technique, because we had such limited time to address their limiting beliefs. They needed to make money ASAP! 


I was as surprised as my clients at how quick, effective, and long-lasting the results turned out to be. The results: 100% of the almost-100 clients reported experiencing a positive, meaningful, and lasting change that led them to exceed their success goals and create a deeply fulfilling life for themselves while supporting their families. (All within three months.)


How can a single Breakthrough Session be effective?


Research shows that changing a habit requires 30 days of consistent daily effort. And a limiting belief is simply a habitual thought pattern that can be changed in the same way as any other habit. 


I created a Breakthrough + Support model rooted in an evidence-based approach to changing habits. My goal is to ensure that you experience the clarity and commitment that comes from a breakthrough, create the immediate momentum required to shift thoughts and actions, and receive consistent guidance and accountability in order to fully integrate your new belief.


As with changing any habit, it is essential to create inspiring triggers, maintain motivation, choose consistent action, and recognize your progress in order to embed your new narrative into your everyday life.


Through regular contact (Laser Coaching sessions, email, messaging app), you will receive guidance and support that includes specific exercises and actions. Committing to these brief actions (5-10 minutes daily) ensures that your Integration Phase is productive and effective in creating a lasting, positive change. 


How will I feel during my Breakthrough Session? 


Our goal is to make sure you remain relaxed and open. We need to trust each other and maintain honest communication. 


Before the session even begins, we will make clear decisions about what you are willing and able to access. During the session, if we keep circling around a topic that seems key to your belief pattern, I will present it to you as a question first, asking if you´re comfortable exploring it before proceeding further.


I will pause to check in with you frequently to make sure you remain relaxed and engaged. If at any point you feel resistant to a question or if a reflection creates anxiety, we will pause and assess whether you feel comfortable going deeper. 


Will I remember a traumatic experience during my Breakthrough Session?


This may happen, but it is not typical. Most of the time, these recalled memories are simply stories you might remember and share about experiences. These help to clarify the root of your limiting belief, and are likely to feel liberating rather than upsetting.


Please know that you will never be forced to enter into a conversation about anything you choose not to discuss. In addition, we will use terminology that you feel comfortable with. So, for example, if ¨trauma¨ is a word that creates fear or resistance for you, we will choose another term that will work for our purposes. 


Some clients who state that they are willing, able, and even eager to address their trauma may recall memories that they have forgotten for decades. But our focus is on the discovery of links rather than digging into the deeper details of a memory or releasing the emotions physically.  


At all times, my goal is to ensure that you feel safe and supported during your Breakthrough Session. If you choose to stay open to remembering, this can lead to deeper understanding and help you recognize the impact that forgotten moments can have on your life choices.


Will I cry during a Breakthrough Session?


It might happen. It´s important to remember that crying on its own may provide immediate relief, but it does not provide healing. I do not attempt to prompt or encourage crying, but if it does occur, I encourage you to spend a moment with your feelings and then reflect on questions that extend our exploration. 


In my experience, the vast majority of clients who shed tears describe them as ¨happy tears¨ -  these tend to an expression of relief and joy upon releasing the limiting belief you now recognize as the obstacle blocking your progress. 


If you discover that your limiting belief is linked to a painful memory that you had forgotten, you might feel momentary distress. However, the relief you experience from this discovery and the insight it provides are likely to quickly shift your emotional state toward gratitude for finally understanding its role in your life. 


There are often moments of laughter in our Breakthrough Sessions. This laughter is an indication that you are gaining a sense of control over your story. Once you can laugh at the absurdity of the power it has had over you and your choices, you move into a place of lightness, possibility, and purpose. 


What if I finish a Breakthrough Session without having a breakthrough?


To date, this has not happened. I believe this is due to our Clarity Call prior to scheduling your Breakthrough Session. This call gives us a chance to decide together if you are ready, willing, and able to engage in this process to see, understand, release, and rewrite your limiting beliefs. 


I will ask you questions that will help both of us understand how much resistance you might feel to the idea of change, including whatever might come up for you around the terms breakthrough, transformation, and trauma. We will talk about your daily schedule and see if you have time to set aside for brief exercises each day. (I recommend five minutes twice times a day.)


It is very important that you feel not only open to and ready for change but excited about it and motivated to devote time and energy to your transformation for 30 days. Through our Clarity Call, it will become clear whether or not a Breakthrough Session is a good fit for you and your needs. 


Please be aware that the Breakthrough Series is not for everyone. There are times when I have to tell someone that they are not yet ready, even when they believe they are. I do not want you to spend your time or money on a process that isn´t right for you, so I will be honest about this.


Is it safe for me to choose a Breakthrough Session if I am currently undergoing treatment for depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges?


Your safety is my top concern. I do not recommend a Breakthrough Session if you are currently experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self harm, or suicidal ideation. We will not schedule a Breakthrough Session if I feel you are in a compromised or fragile state. 


During our Clarity Call, I will ask you to speak frankly about your personal history of any mental health challenges and treatments, including medication. I am not a psychiatrist or therapist. Though I understand the benefits of and have personally benefited from healing techniques that are not based on traditional Western medical practices, I recommend safe and effective medical/psychiatric treatment for mental health issues. 

(For more on this, visit my Frequently Asked Questions page.)


What happens after my Breakthrough Session?


For some clients, the hour or two after the Breakthrough Session can be a period of elation and inspiration. For others, it can be characterized by a sense of calm and a newly-clear purpose. Still others might find that they feel a tingling or heaviness in their bodies.


In every case, you will receive After-Care Instructions from me to help you continue to process your experience while engaging in self-care practices that comfort you. The self-care combination that I recommend is:

1) going for a brisk walk or bike ride (any repetitive aerobic activity to suit your interest and ability)

2) writing in a journal when you return

3) taking a shower or bath

4) drinking a warm, soothing beverage

Clients find that this combination of sweat/spill/soothe allows them to move their bodies and get a surge of endorphins while processing their thoughts, release their ideas onto paper in their journal, soak and relax once their ideas have been captured, and feel comforted as they sit in silence while sipping something warm and delicious. 


Unless your Breakthrough Session is part of the VIP Evolve Series (which includes the Rewire Session two hours after the Breakthrough Session), you will begin your Integration Phase on the evening of Day One with a series of affirmations and actions related to your new story. (These will be defined during our Breakthrough Session together.) 


You will also schedule the first of your two 30-minute Laser Coaching calls (about two weeks apart) and we will begin our ongoing coaching rounds via email or your preferred messaging app.


The first five days are a critical time to create momentum, so we will be in contact DAILY during this first week. Make sure to set aside time for daily messaging in addition to setting up your cues, maintaining your motivation, engaging in your chosen actions, and noting your progress.


What happens at the end of the 30-Day Integration Phase after my Breakthrough Session?


You may choose to schedule your second Laser Coaching Call (of the two included in your package) at the end of 30 days in order for us to have a conclusion session. This gives you an opportunity to see how you have progressed, and set goals for the following month and beyond.


During our month together, you will develop skills that will continue to support your progress and help you handle any other limiting beliefs that you discover or that may arise in the future. The final Laser Coaching Call is an excellent time to discuss any challenges that you have faced during your Integration Phase that you did not address through our regular email/messaging coaching rounds.


It´s our chance to both celebrate your success and create awareness about your ability to manage the challenges that may pop up in the future. 


What if I don´t complete the Integration Phase? Can I get a refund?


All coaching is client-centered and client-dependent. It is always your choice to participate or to complete your coaching sessions.


If you are unable to or choose not to participate in the Integration Phase coaching sessions, please let me know immediately. If there is a change in your schedule, an emergency that requires your attention, or something else that prevents you from continuing, we can discuss ways to pick up where you left off at a later date in order to get you back on track. 


Due to the nature of coaching sessions and the time invested before, during and after each one, there are no refunds available. This is made clear at the time you agree to begin your Breakthrough Session and Integration Phase. However, I will do my best to find a way to help you continue your process and integrate your new story into your life.


What if I feel like I need a second Breakthrough Session? 


If you decide that you would like to request an additional stand-alone session, just let me know. Some clients choose to do a second Breakthrough Session several months later to reinforce their new narrative in the face of unexpected challenges (a new job, move, relationship, etc.)  Any second or subsequent 1-hour sessions will cost $247 each.


For those who enroll in the VIP Evolve Series, there is continuous access to VIP-dedicated Office Hours during which you can schedule a time to speak privately about any issues that arise for you. There is no additional charge for this.


Do you offer any group coaching options or memberships for Breakthrough Session clients? 


I offer a continuing membership for VIP Evolve Series clients only. This is open to those who have completed the Breakthrough Series. It includes monthly private Evolve Coaching Sessions, private workshop videos sent once a month, VIP-dedicated Office Hours available for those who would like to ask questions about their ongoing process, and other benefits.  We address a wide range of life challenges, including loss, work, relationships, parenting, grandparenting, retirement, and more that may require the creation of additional empowering stories to support new opportunities and growth. 


If you are considering the Breakthrough Session + Support option, I invite you to schedule your complimentary 15-minute Clarity Call so we can discuss your exciting possibilities!

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