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This is where I start. 

Every day, I see the Soft Serve approach transform not only the way they create their courses, but the way the world embraces them. (Soaring sales? Yes, please!)

I promise you will be inspired by the story of one client who was on the brink of financial disaster before her shift to the Soft Serve changed her life completely.

I truly believe that the Soft Serve has been the key to my clients´ success. 

And I want to be sure that you have this same advantage. 

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Success Stories from Softies

¨It was hard at first to think about being soft. I always talk about strength and power! But Maya showed me how to tap into softness to serve others in a deeply generous way. Letting go of competitive thinking brought me so much relief and attracted such kind and generous students. I am more relaxed now that I have plenty of time for my family. And I have less stress about money! Soft really is strong.¨

Sonya - voice coach (UK)

¨When the markets closed during COVID, I was really struggling with my herb farm. I felt desperate to find another way to make money. Maya guided me to shift to a soft mindset. I even created a course that actually competes with my herb sales! But it was unbelievably successful. My courses now support my family, and have given me so much happiness. I will never stop using softness in my business.¨

Astrid - organic herb farm owner (Norway)

¨I chose to stay with my family in Venezuela during the crisis here. It was impossible to make money. I knew a course could reach nurses internationally, but I felt stressed and rushed to create it. Maya helped me slow down and see my soft power. This idea appealed to me instantly, and totally changed my course concept. I am thrilled that I can support my family here and help nurses abroad.¨

Gia - geriatric nurse (Venezuela)

Stressed about the idea of trying to sell your course?

I have some VERY happy news for you!

Imagine your people finding and falling in love with you and your offerings...without you feeling like a sales nag.

I´m talking ZERO ickiness. In fact, this approach makes you feel downright giddy about serving generously.

And guess what? When they feel your generosity, they happily support you.

Don´t believe that selling softly can be powerful, let alone profitable? Just wait until you hear Isabel´s story. (I share it in this free guide.) It perfectly illustrates the difference that the Soft Serve can make.

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