How It Started | The Story Behind the Discovery of My Surprisingly Effective Creative Breakthrough Coaching Technique

I developed my quick & quirky technique while doing pro bono work with women over 50 around the world who were struggling during the pandemic.

First, I reached out to my non-profit contacts to offer my help to those they serve.

Then, I got some press. Suddenly, I was FLOODED with requests.

Faced with their urgent needs and their many limiting beliefsI chose to work with women over 50 who were the sole breadwinners in their extended families. 

My approach was simple and fast by necessity.

ALL of these women were supporting various combinations of their children, parents, siblings, and others.

ALL had lost their jobs or were forced to close a business.

MOST had also lost a partner or parent to COVID or another illness.

They were grieving, exhausted, facing financial ruin, and resistant to trying something new. 

So, I threw everything I knew into a process that could quickly help them support their loved ones.

It was the middle of the pandemic. Everyone was home and online. It was the perfect time for online courses! (Read about my own first course - back in 2003 - here.)

We started with a Breakthrough Session to help them re-write their limiting stories, followed by 30 days of daily coaching support and accountability. I guided them through any lingering self-doubt, worked with them to fine-tune and integrate their new narrative, and taught them how to build, launch, and market their first simple digital course. 

You see, they changed their lives in ways they could not have imagined just weeks earlier, with exponential growth in multiple areas.

They had changed, and that changed everything.

I had no idea that this turbo-charged technique would be so profoundly pivotal and consistently effective. 

I was just doing my best to help these women put food on the table for their families!

For two years, I charged nothing. 

Next, I started testing my technique with clients who were facing other types of challenges.  

I tweaked and refined my Breakthrough technique to go deeper while staying light.

I offered it to paying clients. 

It worked.

And it kept on working, under all different circumstances.

Every single time.

Here are some testimonials from my pro bono Switch clients.

These women turned things around in a short period of time while facing extreme challenges.

Which one of their limiting beliefs (in red) resonates most with YOU?


salon owner/instructor


¨I was desperate when my salon was forced to close during COVID. I am a single mother with two children, and also care for my father. I felt unable to do anything new. I was not a good student and could not see myself as a teacher. Maya inspired me to imagine an exciting story for myself. I created a hair design course to help other salon owners. These days, my old competitors are my best friends, and I have two incomes. Being an instructor made me confident. This was very new for me. My children are so proud! Every day, I appreciate this new life.¨



United Kingdom

¨When the pandemic hit, I crashed. I had ideas for new projects, but no confidence to approach potential clients. I lost the sense of my value. I believed my work was no longer desirable.

Maya got me going again. Creating my course reminded me of my gifts. The quick income was an enormous relief, as I support my family of three. Helping artists inspired me. But the biggest change was that decision makers started to approach me. They heard about my course and were intrigued by my work. I am now offered projects that I never would have attempted to apply for before. I am forever grateful to Maya.¨ 


novelist/writing coach


"After my husband died, I needed to support my three children. I was sick with worry. I knew it would take a year to write another book. As a first-time author, I did not believe I was good enough yet to teach others. Maya helped me to release that story. Once I saw myself as a passionate writer who helps others (rather than a newbie author), I became unstoppable! Maya virtually held my hand as I created my first course and coaching membership. These gave me a steady income within ten weeks. These days, I love coaching even more than writing!¨


graphic designer/instructor

United States

¨During Covid, my parents moved in with me, and then my two daughters came home from college. I was supporting everyone, but lost my job due to closures. I had no savings, thanks to recent medical bills and college tuition. I was so stressed that I broke out in hives. I could not see any solutions. I did not believe I could make any money with my graphic art unless I had a full-time job doing it.  

Enter Maya. When I showed her the designs I made, she suggested I create an online course. This course brought me devoted students, a delightful community, and a growing savings account! 

This led to design contracts with several companies. I feel creative every day. I work from home, where I can help my parents. I am so happy to support my family doing what I love!¨


event planner/instructor


¨All events were cancelled. I was very depressed. My husband left only months before. At first, I could not get out of bed. I thought it was impossible for me to support everyone in my family. Maya showed me I could be a teacher, not just a planner. I noticed a big difference in my thinking. With my course, I felt proud and excited to help other planners. Now, I am planning events again, but my clients pay more. I can work less and spend time with my family. I have so much energy! I love my work now more than before.¨




"When my daughter and grandson came to live with me, I worried about how to pay for everything. I was used to spending so little. Maya taught me to see how my idea about being a struggling artist destined to be poor forever was limiting me. It was a delight to create a new story! I am convinced it helped me to become successful with my art course. It gave me many new artist friends of all ages. Thanks to Maya, at 72, I have financial security for the first time in my life."


custodial grandparenting coach

South Africa

¨My daughter died of cancer, and I began raising my two granddaughters, then ages 2 and 4. I was still grieving the loss of my husband the year before, and had a demanding job as a social program director. My heart was broken. I felt angry, guilty, and exhausted. I did not believe I could give my granddaughters the loving and stable home they needed.

Maya showed me my strength and my heart´s best work. She guided me to see my expertise. I had worked with many clients who were raising their grandchildren. Now, I can understand their challenges deeply. 

With Maya´s loving care, I created my first course for custodial grandparents. It was a healing process that gave me an income and a supportive online community. Six months later, my new business was growing, and I retired early. Now I am home with the girls full-time. This has been incredible for all of us.¨

All of these women (and many others) released their old beliefs and created fulfilling new lives for themselves.

They chose to switch their stories in order to create a life they love.

And at 50+ years of age, after DECADES of putting everyone else first, they finally chose to focus on THEIR success and fulfillment. 

In the process, they improved the lives of their families,

uplifted their communities,

and created an exciting new future for themselves.

What will you do once you switch your story?