Breakthrough Session + Integration Support For 30 Days

The Breakthrough Session + Integration Support series is designed to help you see, understand, release, and rewrite your most persistent limiting belief that is preventing you from growing in a way that leads to exciting possibilities.

Take a look at the following statements:

If any of these sound familiar, you are in the right place. 

Because if you recognize that there´s something that keeps getting in your way, a transformational Breakthrough Session with me can help you see it clearly and deal with it once and for all. 

We use a client-centered approach that is focused on helping you tap into your own wisdom and learn how to use it. 

Rather than offer advice or solutions, I guide you in discovering the answers you know intuitively. Because understanding how to find your own solutions is the best way for you to move forward into your exciting possibilities! 

Together, we create a relaxed space in which you feel calm and open. We focus on finding the block that is most persistent in preventing you from feeling at ease and trusting in your abilities.

I will guide you through a questioning process to help you get clear on your persistent belief and how it may be preventing you from making the choices you want for yourself. Then, we will go through a re-imagining process to create a new narrative that aligns with your new awareness and your stated intentions.

This is a co-creation experience in which you play an active role in designing the brilliant new story that will serve you best.

We will continue the session until we reach a natural resolution, which generally takes about one hour, but please allow up to 90 minutes for this process.


You deserve to have access to exactly what you need in order to progress as quickly as possible.

So, we START with the Breakthrough Session that will be the most valuable to you right now.

Because here´s the thing: momentum matters.

In fact, it´s the key ingredient to getting your new story to stick.

We dive right into getting rid of what´s holding you back so you can feel motivated to move forward immediately.

My clients require just one Breakthrough Session, along with the support I provide for 30 days afterward.

After that, they are happily skipping ahead using what they have learned from me.

And that´s because I spend the first crucial month after our Breakthrough Session making sure you are embracing your new story and plugging it into your life in big ways.

This process will give you the skills and the confidence to use your new story as your personal case study and continue to deepen your understanding of how to release and replace limiting beliefs as you discover them.

How can you experience a breakthrough in just one session?

I know it sounds too good to be true. 

The first step is to accept the possibility that it can happen in one hour.


A single session works because we focus on ONE particular pattern of resistance

 We zero in on the root of your persistent belief and remove its power over your present life.

So, if you´re ready to change, things can evolve rapidly.


The best way to illustrate how this works is through client stories.

The following stories may help you imagine how our session together might work for you.

NOTE: I work with clients who are facing all kinds of challenges, including some extreme circumstances. Know that whatever you´re facing, we can work together to discover your positive path forward.




¨When our city was bombed, my son and I took a train to Poland. As a psychologist, I understood the depth of the trauma that all Ukrainians were facing. I was exhausted and grieving for the loss of everything. I was deeply worried about my son´s health, my ex-husband´s safety, and my parents who had stayed behind. 

In only one meeting, Maya guided me as I recognized my grief and loss as a source of power. I was longing to find a way to feel strong and useful again. As a psychologist, I had guilt about not serving others, but I was afraid of becoming overwhelmed by the weight of their grief. 

In my new story, I became a bright guiding light beaming love. 

Quickly, I felt energized and purposeful. Maya helped me to see that I felt called to start a free clinic for other Ukrainian mothers here in Poland. This clinic brought me to life again while I helped others.

These days, I have plenty of paying clients. I support my entire family, including my parents, my sister, and her two children who have all joined us here.  

This is the most gratifying and important work I have ever done. It is Maya´s generous guidance that helped me to turn my despair into beautiful work.¨ 


branding company owner


¨I went through therapy years ago, but a year after my divorce, I felt worse about myself than ever

In my session with Maya, I realized how my divorce was affecting my business. Dealing with my limiting beliefs around abandonment turned everything around. I switched my story to one of myself as a magnetic connector, someone who naturally attracts people who value me (something I seriously questioned after my ex-husband´s affair and remarriage.) I shifted the focus of my business, felt confident enough to raise my rates, and got new clients right away!

After that profound session and switching my story, I reached out to my sister. We had become estranged, which Maya helped me recognize was related to the trauma of our loss. Since my sister is six years older, she had a helpful read on things. We talk regularly now, which is a direct result of my work with Maya. 

My business is growing. My sister and I took a trip together for the first time in twenty years. And I have started dating! It´s rough out there, but I know I am lovable and deserve stability in my relationships. That is a gift that keeps me going despite the inevitable dating disappointments. I feel calm, happy, and optimistic about my future.¨


industrial designer


¨I had recently lost my mother. We had a troubled past. It hit me much harder than I expected. Months went by, and I was unable to find joy in anything. My husband and I were newly separated (my despair and anger drove him away) and my two children were attending university in the States. I felt alone and defeated.

When I worked with Maya, I discovered a memory about my mother that gave me peace. Afterward, I cried happy tears as I felt my mother´s love for me. I understood our relationship in a deeper way. I chose to forgive her.

It´s hard to believe that just one hour could make such a difference. I am free now. My husband and I are together again and very happy. I cherish my children. Most of all, I trust myself to know what is right for me. I am so grateful for the loving help I received from Maya."


grief therapist


¨As a therapist specializing in grief, I understand the complexities of limiting beliefs. I turned to Maya when I was facing a barrier. (She was helping me to create courses for families with loved ones in hospice care. I was impressed by her instincts and her guidance.)

Maya was insightful in her questioning. In fact, thanks to her skillful process, I was able to uncover a memory that had somehow escaped my notice despite years of therapy.

In my case, this led to a quick resolution. Clarifying that memory and rewiring my belief created a significant shift that had a lasting impact on me. I highly recommend working with Maya if you are facing a barrier. She is a skilled and kind facilitator."

I have found that what works best is diving in and creating momentum immediately.

I focus on facilitating your breakthrough and teaching you how to progress on your own.

We will use a powerful and proven technique that will help you:

🔵 clarify your limiting belief

🔵 understand its impact

🔵 let go of its power

🔵 craft a new story that uplifts and inspires you 

🔵 and learn how to do this for yourself

Every step we go through together builds your skills and serves as your personal case study that you can turn to again and again when facing any future limiting stories.

The Breakthrough Session  

All this is possible in one 60-minute Breakthrough coaching session because we lay the groundwork FIRST.

We start with a complimentary 15-minute Clarity Call to decide together if you are open, willing, and ready for this process.

If so, we will schedule our 60-minute session.

In this 60-minute transformational coaching Breakthrough Session, we find the belief that has built up layers of resistance, and interpret its influence in your life. Then, we work on releasing that old story and designing a new one to replace it. 

This breakthrough can and does happen in one big wow of a session, but it depends on how open, willing, and ready you are to embrace each step in the process. (This is why the Clarity Call is so important!)

The Breakthrough Session is just the beginning of our journey together.

You and I will have TWO 30-minute Laser Coaching Calls and FOUR weekly coaching rounds (via email or your preferred messaging app) to make sure you lock in your new story in multiple ways. In addition, you will get expert training in mindfulness and breathwork to help you integrate your new narrative in both your mind and your body.

The two Laser Coaching calls give you an opportunity to process the integration of your new story. The four supportive back-and-forth email or messaging conversations add a layer of accountability and guidance that can make a tremendous difference in the way you fold your new story into your life and create next-level momentum in your progress.

By taking the time between our calls and emails or messages to consider how your new story is shifting your perspective, you will gain insight and practice your new skill in assessing and overcoming any blocks along the way.


ONE 60-minute Breakthrough Session

TWO 30-minute Laser Coaching Calls

Mindfulness & Breathwork Training

4 weekly rounds of personal coaching support via email or messaging



But first...

Our transformational insight partnership requires mutual trust.

It is important that you trust me to guide your Breakthrough process.

And I have to trust that you are ready to accept the awareness that will come to you and willing to switch your story. 

Your (free) 15-minute Clarity Call is a great way to see how we might work together.


Thank you for believing in yourself. This already tells me so much about you! 

I look forward to helping you open up to your thrilling possibilities.