It all starts with curiosity about your possibilities.


This is our chance to connect and get clear about where you are and what you want.


Now, I do things a little differently. 

So, instead of scheduling a Zoom call,

I like to start right in with voice & text messaging

since that´s what we´ll be doing if we decide to work together! 


Simply send me a short text or voice message on your phone or using WhatsApp

at (United States +1) 503.374.6537. 

I´ll respond with a voice message asking you some questions.

And we´ll do a few relaxed rounds like that. 






No sales talk. 

ZERO pressure. 


Our intention is to:

*learn about each other

*chat about your dream for your future

*explore what might help you bring it to life


I´m so looking forward to hearing from you!


PLEASE NOTE: I am currently scheduling Breakthrough Sessions for SEPTEMBER 2024.