3 Top Reasons to Try Transformational Coaching in 2024

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Looking for a fast and focused way to help you move forward in 2024? 


If you have tried life coaching, mindfulness training, or therapy-based techniques but still feel frustrated by your limited growth in certain areas of your life, consider transformational coaching. 


Transformational coaching focuses on helping you address the limiting beliefs that may be rooted in your early life stages leading to resistance. It involves working with a transformational coach to make meaningful and lasting changes in specific areas of your life, such as money, health, relationships, or work. 


And because working with an effective transformational coach tends to require fewer than five (often just one or two) sessions in order to create positive change, it is a more affordable and time-saving option than most coaching modalities or therapy-based options.


The key steps in this process include: 

  • Revealing existing patterns of resistance based on limiting beliefs

  • Recognizing how these patterns start and how they block your progress

  • Removing these patterns for good by

  • Replacing them with a positive new belief that opens possibilities

  • Reintegrating your new story as you self-guide through next steps


Transformational coaching zeroes in on one specific area at a time and requires an open and receptive questioning process that leads to deep revelations.  


In the case of trauma-informed transformational coaching, there is an emphasis on gaining insight into the lasting and limiting beliefs rooted in the traumas of our past that may be affecting us in ways we have not yet fully processed. 


Transformational coaching requires mutual trust. You, as the client, must trust your coach to skillfully guide you with sensitivity and kindness. Your coach must trust you to be willing to open to a new awareness that can lead to lasting change. Together, you will navigate the transformational process that will pave the way for the you to finally realize your goals, dreams, and desires


What are the advantages of transformational coaching over traditional life coaching?


While some life coaches may encourage you to continue to meet for repeated sessions to dive deeper and expand into other areas of your life, others focus on showing you how to tap into your own wisdom in order to become self-guiding rather than dependent upon further coaching.


This means you spend less time and less money because you and your coach are laser-focused on replacing ONE limiting belief and using that process as your own personal case study to refer to repeatedly. An effective transformational coach is committed to ensuring meaningful and lasting change by giving you the tools to see, know, and let go of other limiting beliefs that block your growth. 


Here are the 3 top reasons to consider transformational coaching in 2024:


1) To identify and understand how a belief from your past is affecting your life by creating resistance. Revealing the belief and its roots can be an illuminating process that offers clarity about the ways you have used this belief as a barrier in your own personal development. Sometimes simply recognizing what is holding you back gives you the power to address it. 


2) To recognize how that belief may be interlinked with others that may cause you to avoid certain situations or opportunities that could help you grow. Often, we discover a network of beliefs that we have created over time that need to be untangled. This is a process that can have far-reaching effects in your life if you take the time to pull apart your stories and replace them with a positive and powerful belief that gives you confidence and inspiration. 


3) To show you how you can repeat the reveal/recognize/replace process on your own in order to continue to increase your self-awareness and personal development. So, in addition to being a fast and affordable option that can help you make significant progress in 2024, transformational coaching by the right person can give you the skills and confidence to not only replace your current limiting beliefs but actually prevent yourself from developing new ones. 


What type of challenges can be addressed by transformational coaching? 


Let´s look at a transformational coaching client with a limiting belief that was affecting her professionally. In this case, a woman in her forties was facing a positive growth opportunity but feeling resistant and fearful, even considering avoiding it. Fear of public speaking is very common and, as is the case with many limiting beliefs, it can be based on misremembered events.

This particular client was disappointed in herself for her reaction, but didn´t know how to move past her resistance. And though she had been telling herself the same story for years, she had not examined it closely in order to understand and re-frame it.

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Meet Marla, a holistic health coach.


Marla was preparing to give the keynote speech at an upcoming conference for holistic practitioners. She had never considered herself to be a good speaker, and as soon as she accepted the invitation, she was hit by a wave of anxiety and regret


Marla believed that her fear would prevent her from giving the powerful speech she had prepared. She told herself that she was likely to ruin her reputation due to her poor performance, and was seriously considering backing out of her presentation, despite the fact that it was just two weeks away. The programs were printed, and this change would present a tough challenge for the organizers. So, she was facing both the fear of speaking and the worry about the repercussions if she bailed. She was stuck.


In her Breakthrough session with me, she was guided to remember her earliest exposure to her sense of failure around speaking. She recalled a memory of being laughed at during a birthday party in her early twenties in which she had given a toast. Her impression had been that she had stumbled over her words, uttered an unintended sexual innuendo, and turned purple with embarrassment before sinking into her seat. 


But upon deeper examination, Marla accepted the possibility that people were laughing because she had been genuinely funny. (She was able to remember some of the speech, and upon sharing it with me, it was clear that the jokes were good!) Marla knew only the birthday girl, and since none of the other attendees (strangers to her) had made any comments to her, she assumed the worst. (After the session, Marla confirmed this new funny version with the birthday celebrant herself, who still remembered the toast and assured her that everyone had enjoyed it.)


While Marla had no intention of telling jokes during her keynote, this re-framed recollection relieved her of her fear that she was a terrible speaker. She was confident and respected among her peers and clients, and felt she could give a good presentation. She envisioned a safe space filled with those eager to hear her speech. And she chose to replace the old limiting belief with a positive one based on a recent memory of sharing a story at a professional gathering and being praised for her vulnerability.


In Marla´s words: ¨I was holding onto that idea of myself based on a toast from twenty years ago, and it had definitely led to a decision to avoid any sort of public speaking until very recently. I keep wondering what I could have done had I not limited myself! I am grateful to be able to leave that old belief behind, and wish I had done this sort of transformational session years ago.¨


Marla gave her presentation, and was pleased with both her performance and the positive feedback. She was invited to speak at two other professional gatherings, and now plans to make speaking a regular part of her work.

This is an example of a single experience leading to a lasting belief and change in behavior. As in Marla´s case, the resulting behavior (avoiding public speaking) can last far longer than the clear memory of the event that prompted it. Transformational coaching can be a rapid and effective way to address the cause of a long-term limiting belief and help you recognize the often-flawed reasoning behind it. 


If you want to experience an informative and revelatory process that requires as few as one or two sessions to create a lasting positive impact, transformational coaching may be an excellent option for you. Find a trauma-informed transformational coach who specializes in  ensuring that you become self-guiding, so you can continue to grow by paying attention to your resistance and trusting your ability to switch your story.

Maya Frost is a creative breakthrough transformational coach and the owner of Switch Transformations. She helps women over 50 achieve bold creative breakthroughs that amp up their innovation, success, and FUN. Her uniquely effective Breakthrough Series includes a powerful Breakthrough Session followed immediately by 30 days of ongoing coaching, actions, and accountability.  

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