Vague to VISIONARY | A riveting video journey to help women over 50 design a visionary concept for their first digital course 

So, you´re thinking it might be time for you to create your first digital course.



Congrats on taking this first step to learn more about the process!

I am so glad you found your way here. 

Because you are about to get a lot more excited about digital course creation!

Yes, really.


The reason you may think it´s hard and expensive? 

You have been told this by digital course coaches who are building 7 and 8-figure empires.

They have led you to believe that you can´t possibly create a course without spending at least a thousand dollars (or more)... which just happens to be the price they are asking for the course creation package they are selling!


I am here to tell you that this is simply not true. 

(They just need you to believe that in order to buy their package!)


In the last three years, I have helped women over 50 in 18 countries design, create, launch, and sell their first digital course.


So, what makes this process so simple, fast, and fun?

designing your course concept FIRST.

Think of your course as a fun creative project

Whew! Doesn´t that feel lighter already? This shift allows you to be more relaxed and imaginative.

And the first step in any creative project? Considering design.


The point of having a design is to 

create a clear path to success. 

A design allows you to avoid mistakes.

To make sure your project has all the right pieces in place.

To give you time to imagine what you are creating first before the building begins. 


It´s simple:

do the first stuff first.


When a digital course flops, it is almost always due to 3 COMMON MISTAKES:

Mistake #1:

picking a topic you love without knowing who you want to help and what they need or want


Mistake #2:

not creating a distinctive course that stands apart from others in the same niche


Mistake #3:

not connecting with your people in a consistent and meaningful way that inspires their trust


ALL of these mistakes (and a dozen others) can be avoided by simply designing your course concept FIRST before beginning the creation process. 

A course concept is a collection of essential elements that ensures that your offering is

coherent, cohesive, and compelling


You need each element to be:

*clearly stated  

*in alignment with the whole

*powerfully positioned to maximize your impact


Your course concept is your personalized blueprint.

It is your custom cheat sheet for your course creation process.

Once you have a solid concept, it becomes so much easier to outline and create your course!

And your concept allows you to avoid making those all-too-common mistakes that can derail your course before you ever launch it.


A digital course is a brilliant way to:

*amplify your message

*expand your positive impact

*boost your income

*create more ease in your daily life


I love helping helpers.


Women over 50 who pour their heart and soul into serving others. 

Those who share their artistry, skills, and compassion to make someone else´s life better.

Women who inspire, educate, and fight for others.

I see you, because I am like you.

So, I know that your first inclination is to put others before yourself.

And I am here to fight for you and make sure you feel inspired, elevated, and supported.


I created a this video course to help women like you

design a course concept that is truly visionary.



Filled with your knowledge and wisdom.

And aimed at helping others.

We need a whole lot more vision in the world.

By sharing yours, you will create a positive effect

that is amplified exponentially by your students.  


In this video, I lay out the essential elements you need to fully develop your concept,

and then show you how to refine and strengthen each one.  


I want to make sure that you and your course are positioned for success by design.

Because a successful course does not happen by accident.

You need to know the crucial tweaks to your concept that will

make the difference between a course that is meh and one that is mesmerizing.

Because you need your course to be captivating in order to attract the people you want to serve!


The ultimate goal: 

to design a course that ensures that you do good for others while doing well for yourself.


you need to have fun with your course creation process.


Fun fuels enthusiasm, which is what will attract your people.


But you almost never hear the word ¨fun¨ attached to creating a digital course.


Because the focus tends to be on making money. Course creation is viewed as a sort of necessary evil.  As in, it´s not going to be easy (it´s so hard that you have to pay a lot of money to learn how, they say) but you have to do the hard work in order to earn the rewards.


But if you approach it from the idea of joyfully serving others rather than creating wealth?

Everything shifts. 

You are offering something creative.

You are designing something imaginative and purposeful.

You are infusing your creative project with meaning.



Because when you take the emphasis off the money, people are attracted by your message.

That´s because you have built it with loving intention, and it resonates.


Let me be clear: you can definitely make a lot of money selling a digital course.

And I want you to do well as you do good for others.


But I have found that, in the beginning, focusing on the creation process rather than the earning process is a fundamental shift that leads to a more joyfully successful outcome.


(Not that we don´t do market research! But that´s not the most important part.)

Not sure if creating a digital course is the right fit for you?  PERFECT!

That is exactly the right question to ask at the beginning of this process.

Because the truth is, it´s NOT for everyone.

That´s why I jump into the pros, the cons, and the pitfalls right at the beginning of this video.

I even offer suggestions that might be better for you and your goals.

Knowing these first before you spend time and money creating your course is well worth the cost of Vague to VISIONARY!

Oh, hello!

My name is Maya Frost.

I am an educator, author, artist, advocate, entrepreneur, mother of four wonderful women, and grandmother of five under the age of five.

I have spent my life trying to do good things for others.

During the pandemic, I lost my role as a creative strategist and decided to reach out to other women over 50 who were facing a tricky transition at a tough time.  

I started off being a business mentor. But then it hit me: everyone was home and online. It was the perfect time to create a digital course! 

So, I shifted my focus to helping these lovely women create their first courses. 

It was so successful (and so much fun!) that I decided to start Dame Good Digital to help more women over 50 do the same.

I launched my first course in 2003. 

Twenty years ago.


Despite the fact that I had NO tech background,

ZERO marketing and publicity skills,

and a topic that was rarely searched for on Google,

my simple course and weekly email newsletter catapulted my course

to students in over 100 countries

It was featured in over 150 media outlets worldwide.

So, I understand how a simple course can create a major impact.

And I am here to help you do the same.

Vague to VISIONARY takes you on a journey.

It´s more than a simple how-to.

(You´ll see.) 

So, give yourself this gift, and take the time (about 45 minutes) to go through this process.


And don´t worry.

This is not one of those ¨masterminds¨ that spend 30 minutes talking in vague terms about how a ¨revolutionary system¨ is going to change your life, and then 15 minutes selling you hard on an expensive package with all the answers. 


This is hands-on. Engaging. Fun.

(That´s the former preschool teacher in me coming out to play!)

In these lessons with me, you will design your own personalized blueprint. 

This will save you time, energy, and frustration, and make your course creation process 

a simple matter of following the steps rather than struggling every step of the way.


Hard sell? Hardly! 😂 

I focus on finding resonance.

So, I end the video with a one-minute bit of info about how to reach me for a

free, zero-pressure Quick Clarity call. It´s a nice way for me to learn more about you 

and offer (more) tips to help you get off to a great start.

That´s it.


Oh, and the stories

I promise you will feel both reassured and inspired by the success stories I share.

Because these women are like you and me: they are helpers.


They did not start their courses with the idea that they would get rich.

(Though many of them did very well.)

Instead, they focused on serving the people they chose to help.

They got clear about their intentions, created a distinctive course concept,

built a simple course, and attracted their ideal audience.

And that heartfelt approach made all the difference.


Are you ready? Meet you in the course! 

I can´t wait to help you start designing! 🧑‍🎨

(coming very soon!)

Questions? I´m always happy to hear from you!

Just fill out this quick form or use the other contact options listed there. 

Thank you. I truly appreciate you and your curiosity!