SPA Day Package | Voice Coaching

I have no openings for my Breakthrough Series until September 2024.


But this summer,

I have a very special offer to help YOU

ease into your possibilities,

soak in your imagination,

rise up to your best opportunities,

towel-dry your steamy summer strategy,

and saunter blissfully onto your

transformation trail



Introducing my SPA Day package:

1 day (4 hours) of voice coaching (using WhatsApp or Voxer)


1 week of daily voice coaching rounds

giving you access to actionable advice and

opportunities to clarify your ideas as you progress

during that critical first week of building momentum.


Okay, so it´s NOT at an actual spa.

We won´t be soaking in a hot tub,

sweating out our toxins in a sauna, 

or getting side-by-side massages.

But we´re going for that two-friends-on-a-spa day vibe:

relaxed but also exhilarating,

with plenty of laughter.


I´m using the letters S, P, and A, and 

giving you a choose-your-own-acronym adventure

Swift Positive Action?

Super Powerful Advantage? 

Serene Peaceful Affirmation?

You get to name it and infuse it with your own intentions.


So, it´s virtual. And it´s voice-based. 

Each of us will create our own space for ourselves, 

just chilling in our comfiest clothes,

sipping our favorite beverages,

and snacking on our special treats

while deep in our revealing and motivating conversation.

First, you choose a four-hour period on a day that works for you.

We do a couple of voice messages using Voxer/WhatsApp ahead of that date to make sure everything works on both ends. 

On your SPA Day,

we begin with a series of back-and-forth voice messages about: 

- the transition you´re facing (or the one you want to create for yourself)

- the dreams you have about what that will look and feel like to you

- the challenges that you need to anticipate and prepare to overcome

This is your time to imagine

what a brilliant shift can feel like. 

Together, we will create a vision,

a series of clear ideas,

and the right words

that express what you are dreaming of for yourself.


Next comes an inspired strategy that you can´t wait to begin.

We focus on 3 core areas (because change doesn´t happen in a vacuum):

health, wealth, and relationships.

And we finish with a series of intentions and actions

that you wholeheartedly commit to 

and that we move toward together

during the following week. 

Of course, this is NOT the same as a Breakthrough Session,

and it does not include the 30-Day Integration Phase of the Breakthrough Series. 


The SPA Day is a condensed version of that profound experience. 

It´s a more streamlined and affordable option

that can work beautifully for you 

if you: 

*already have a pretty good idea of what you want to move toward,


*already know you are ready to make rapid progress.


Your SPA Day package 

will get you started

build momentum 

and give you daily support 

to make serious progress

using your new strategic plan.


I find that voice message coaching leads to much deeper insight

and far faster progress.


With voice messaging,

you get (almost) immediate responses,

but you have time for thoughtful consideration before you reply.  


It´s a more intentional process than a real-time conversation

There´s no interruption in your response.

No questions that stop your train of thought.

No thinking about your response while the other is talking.

And voice-only messaging removes the distraction of the visuals on a screen. 

We are truly listening,

and then pausing to reflect before responding.


Taking the time to consider each message allows you to feel as well as think.


On your 4-hour SPA Day, we will have plenty of time for thoughtful back-and-forth responses that open up new ideas and possibilities for you. 

There´s power in that reflective pause. 

So, we leverage that to move you toward greater clarity. 


You set the pace. 

I encourage you to spend at least 10 minutes considering before responding,

but you can take five minutes or 50 minutes. 

It´s up to you. 


We don´t want you to feel rushed!

Each step needs to feel right to you,

so we include time for you to sit with it

and recognize any resistance you might have. 


You see, this SPA Day process is a unique blend of fast and s-l-o-w

The benefits lie in this

alternation between responding and reflecting.

I think you´ll love it as much as I do! 


The price for your SPA Day package,

including our 4-hour SPA Day

and a full week of daily voice message coaching,

is (US) $497


Please note that this is a limited introductory offer.

I am doing only a handful of these SPA Day packages this summer.

If I decide to continue with them in September, the price will be higher.


So, this is an excellent opportunity for you to make this

your summer of transformation! 

If you want to be one of the few to have this SPA Day experience,

please send me an email right away at 


Let me know what you´re dreaming about.

And we´ll get you on the schedule ASAP!


I can´t WAIT to immerse with you in this process.