Coaching women over 50 through digital course design, creation, launch & marketing.

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Building a visionary digital course is a creative process that requires clear intention, bold imagination, and deep focus.

But it doesn´t have to be HARD. If you find yourself stuck on any part of the course creation process, from design to marketing, I am here to help!

I truly love this work and have a special talent for bringing out your best ideas - the ones that make your course not just excellent but extraordinary.

And just to be clear: I go deep.

But I do it in a very lighthearted way. That blend of deep and light feels right to me. How does it sound to you?



Below are several options for working(playing!) together. 

Can´t decide? Send me an email at and we´ll get it sorted.

I can´t wait to connect with you!


 Quick Clarity Call (30 minutes)


Sometimes all it takes is one little conversation to help you feel clear and confident.

In this complimentary call, we will chat about your course concept design. 

This is a zero-pressure chat to connect and co-create.

It´s a fun way to make sure you are off to a great start!



(NOTE: Available only to those who have completed the Vague to VISIONARY course.) 


Design Session (60 minutes)


The Design Session is like creating a very defined concept mood board for your course.

But it´s not about pretty pictures. We get into the deep stuff.

Part brainstorm, part bold decision making, this 60-minute Zoom session is informed by our 30-minute Quick Clarity Call and a folllow-up series of questions I will ask you via email.

Then, fueled by that exchange, our hour together will get you crystal clear on each element of your course design.

Be ready for probing questions that reveal your deeper dreams, and a lightning round of ideas to get things SPARKING. We will conjure ways to make the meh bits more magnetic and get the hot spots to snap, crackle, and POP.

We will go through your ideas for branding, creation, marketing, and distribution.

Together, we´ll create a precise series of steps forward and a thrilling strategy for your success.



(NOTE: Available to those who have completed the Vague to VISIONARY course.)


Flow Session (2 hours)


This mind-meld meet-up stimulates deep unearthing of intentions and blockages.

We will let the ideas and resistance flow, and watch for the lurking swirlies while paying attention to the bits that sparkle in the sun.

From concept design to creation, branding to building, marketing to time management, we will bring all elements together to create a cohesive plan that brings your cutting-edge concept to the forefront and banishes those fears that belittle you.

You are meant for big and bodacious things! In this time together via ZOOM, we discover that underlying essence that will make your course both deep and positively effervescent



(NOTE: Available only to those who have completed the Vague to VISIONARY course.)

SPA Day (VIP) 


Talk about total immersion.

Okay, it´s virtual, and SPA stands for Super Productive Action.

But this VIP offering gives you a full 6-hour soak with me to design, outline, and write your first digital course in just a few hours.

We´ll meet on Zoom, get the concept perfected, then go to our separate spaces for assigned tasks. We will connect again in an hour (I will keep us on a strict timeline!) and integrate the pieces we have created into the whole. 

Then, we will repeat the process with the outline and course content. It is a lot.

But it´s also an exhilarating way to sink into the bubbles, fully immerse together, and rise invigorated with a course that positively radiates YOU.

In one day. Really.

Afterward, you will soak in your blissful sense of accomplishment - with or without a tub! 



(NOTE: Available only to those who have completed the Vague to VISIONARY course.



Questions? Send me an email

I promise I won´t ghost you. 👻