Why I Started Dame Good Digital As A Woman Over 60

Published on 12 November 2023 at 14:56

I've been quiet online for the past few months while very actively imagining, researching and preparing to launch my new business, Dame Good Digital. And it's almost ready! So, here´s my first post for my new blog, Dame Good Diary. 


I launched my first digital course back in 2003.

Google was only five years old.

Facebook wouldn't launch for another year.

Twitter and YouTube wouldn't go live until 2006.


I had ZERO background in tech.

NO marketing or publicity training.

And I had a topic that barely registered on Google Search.


But I had an idea I just couldn't shake.

You see, when I was 15, I was in a devastating car accident.

As a way to cope, someone reached out to teach me how to meditate.

But, being young, impatient, and in despair, meditating was hard for me. 


So, I turned mindfulness into a fun game I couldn´t wait to play.

I chose cues around my home and property to serve as reminders for me to pop into mindfulness mode. Pretty soon, I had so many cues that I couldn´t go ten minutes without returning to being present.

I got good at it. It made me feel calm, clear, and creative.

And, eventually, I felt better. I became happy.


Years passed. It was 2003. I was married with four teenage daughters.

Being around them reminded me so much of my own past, especially the accident.

And I was also struggling with new grief from the loss of two of my brothers to suicide within five years at the ages of 39 and 45.

I doubled-down on my mindfulness practice.


And I started to think that my little mindfulness game might help someone else who was suffering. 

So, despite being completely clueless about the process involved, I committed to creating a simple course to teach others how to play with mindfulness.


I did not have high hopes.


But three months after I launched my course, something amazing happened.

An article, "The Science of Meditation", made the cover of TIME magazine.

Mindfulness was mentioned. Overnight, it became a buzzword.


Thanks to my intuitive timing, my course, and my weekly newsletter, I was able to teach thousands of people in over 100 countries how to get calm, clear, and creative.


My playful, eyes-wide-open approach to mindfulness was featured in over 150 print publications around the world, from Weight Watchers to WIRED, MORE to Men's Health, Parents to Penthouse!


So, that's how I got started with online courses.


Fast forward to 2020. When the pandemic hit, I wanted to help women over 50 (my favorite group!) who were struggling with closures, job losses, and income insecurity.

I reached out to my network, and right away, I had a long list of women wanting my help as they navigated tricky transitions, including starting new businesses and non-profit organizations as well as other creative projects.


Now, at the time, these women were not interested in starting a course. That seemed like a detour! 

But I saw that everyone was home and online. Physical businesses still faced limitations due to lockdowns and distancing. 

It was a perfect time to sell a digital course! 

At first, these women were resistant, but once a few of them started successfully, everyone else wanted to try it, too.


Over the next three years, I helped women over 50 in 18 countries create and launch their first digital courses. 

It was thrilling to see how they had changed their lives from a simple course they created! 

And it was so much fun for all of us that I decided to start Dame Good Digital

to focus on offering my courses and coaching to help women over 50

create & sell their visionary courses.


You see, I truly believe that the world would be a more compassionate place if more women over 50 shared their wisdom, perspectives, and stories so others could learn from them.


So, here I am at 63, putting myself in start-up mode once again!

New blog, new website, new courses, and brand new social media accounts with 0 followers.

It's daunting but exhilarating, and I invite you to come along on this ride with me!

I'll be posting here regularly and sending weekly tips, stories, and love in my newsletter, the Dame Good Digest.

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